We Buy Houses Chicago

We Buy Houses Chicago – Avoid Expensive Repairs

One of the first concerns a homeowner has when ready to sell a house is the property’s condition. Regular home maintenance and updates made consistently help homeowners avoid having to make expensive repairs or invest in large remodels. But the minute you need to sell a house, the reality of its condition comes to full … Continued

Sell My House Chicago

Sell My House Chicago – Without Putting More Money Into It

There are as many reasons for selling a house as there are homeowners. Many times a life event such as divorce, sudden illness, job changes or even the loss of a loved one make selling a house quickly absolutely necessary. Those events can also leave many homeowners ready to just give up and walk without … Continued

Home Buying Companies in Chicago

Who Are The Home Buying Companies In Chicago?

You’ve seen the signs for home buying companies advertising “we buy houses in Chicago” and “cash for homes” all around town. In fact, you’ve seen them both locally and on billboards in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. So who are these cash home buying companies in Chicago anyway? Are they really legit? How does it … Continued

Sell Your House For Cash

Sell Your House for Cash in Chicago

You’ve seen signs all over the Chicago suburbs “We Buy Distressed Houses” and “We Buy ANY House with Cash” and it sounds like a dream come true! A cash buyer sounds amazing, especially when selling your house! You can just imagine the profits rolling in, and what you would do with that money to change … Continued

Sell My House Fast For Cash in Chicago

Sell My House Fast in Chicago

SHOULD I USE AN AGENT? — Selling your house is one of the biggest decisions you can make – it might also be the largest financial transaction of your lifetime. When you have an urgent reason to sell, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best option to get it sold. You want … Continued

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – Kendall Partners Reviews

Professional home buying companies are meeting the needs of those homeowners who either cannot wait for the traditional home listing and sales processes, or who simply need to avoid the hassle and uncertainty. These types of companies offer a quick resolution. There are many cash home buying companies out there, and just because they make … Continued

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews

So you find yourself ready to sell a problem house – an unwanted, burdensome, and unsightly house – and you really don’t want to pay all the commissions and fees involved with hiring an agent to sell it. At the same time you dread all the time and energy it’s going to take to sell … Continued

We Buy Houses Chicago

We Buy Houses Chicago – Sell My House Fast Chicago

Every day at Kendall Partners, we help homeowners solve their real estate burdens! We’re a professional local cash homebuyer and we’ve been buying houses with cash since 2007. When we speak with homeowners who are ready to sell an ugly house, we provide them with a no-obligation, fair cash offer to help them sell quickly. … Continued

We Buy Houses West Chicago

We Buy Houses West Chicago

We speak with homeowners almost every day who need to sell a house quickly. They may have inherited a house, or find themselves in circumstances that require a quick sale of a house. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time or resources to go through the traditional process of selling a house. Whether you have inherited … Continued

We Buy Houses Chicago 5 Star Reviews

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – We Buy Houses Cash 5-Star Reviews

You’ve probably seen a lot of signs by the side of the road in Chicago …. “We Buy Any House” and “We Buy Houses As-Is” and “We Buy Distressed Houses”. Sometimes they’re just yard signs posted at busy street corners. Sometimes they’re huge billboards along major expressways! Maybe you’re wondering if those types of companies … Continued

Exit out of Illinois

We Buy Houses Chicago IL – Moving Out of State

Every year there are articles rating the best and worst states to live in. These articles often review the best and worst states for retirement, for families, for home ownership in general…. they give readers various information and statistics on cost of living, property taxes, income taxes, and discuss migration patterns for home owners moving … Continued

We Buy Houses Chicago

We Buy Houses Fast Chicago – What Are My Options?

Selling your house can be just as stressful as some other major life events you may experience. What if it’s a major life event that is causing you to have to sell quickly? A job transfer, ill or aging family members, inability to pay the mortgage or keep up with necessary repairs …. these situations … Continued