We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Houses Illinois – Breaking Down Inspections and Appraisals

When it comes to appraisals and inspections, what are the costs buyers and sellers can expect to pay? We’ll cover the differences in the two processes and show you how you can avoid inspections and appraisals by selling your house directly. We buy houses Illinois, and if you’ve ever wondered if you can sell your … Continued

Buy My House Cash

Buy My House Cash – Who Pays Closing Costs? Hi, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Today I’m just in my office here, getting ready to wrap up for the day. I’ve had a lot of questions lately from people saying “Hey, we love your offer. Can you tell me more about what closing costs … Continued

Sell My House I Inherited a House

Sell My House – I Inherited a House, Now What?

Inheriting a house can be very challenging for many reasons. You might be thinking, “What should I do with my loved one’s house? How will I manage cleaning it out and what do I do with all the contents, anyway? I don’t think I can afford to pay utilities and property taxes on this house … Continued

We Buy Houses Plainfield IL

Hi, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. I’m here in Plainfield, IL at another house we just purchased. It’s beautiful summer weather here today. We’ve got all hands on deck already, the landscaper is here mowing the grass, trimming things up and making it look nice. We’ve got our partner Junk King here getting ready … Continued

Sell My House Fast For Cash

Are Cash Homebuyers Credible? You need to sell your house. You know what it will take to prepare to list it, and you know it’s going to be a lot of work, take a lot of costly repairs and remodeling. You also know it can take a lot of showings before you lock up a … Continued

Sell My House Fast – Make Selling My House Easy

Moving Out of State – Sell My House Fast This is Jeff with Kendall Partners. I’m at a home here in Elgin, IL. We just closed on this property a few days ago and this is our first chance to walk through the house after the sellers have left. We were giving them a few … Continued

We Buy Houses Homer Glen, IL

Sell My House for Cash in Homer Glen, IL This is Jeff with Kendall Partners. It’s the 2nd of April, 2020. I’m here in Homer Glen, Illinois, where we just bought a house here and are doing a walkthrough. This was a home we purchased when the seller’s mother had passed away and the seller … Continued

We Buy Houses in Hanover Park, IL

We Buy Houses in Hanover Park Hey, who doesn’t like a house with a pool, especially an in-ground pool? Even though we’re in northern Illinois – actually we’re in Hanover Park today, we just bought this house. But, uh — an in-ground pool! – families love in-ground pools, it’s a super nice setup here.  Like … Continued

We Buy Houses in Aurora, IL

Sell My House in Aurora, IL – Even if it’s Full of Junk Hi this is Jeff with Kendall Partners, and we buy houses in Aurora, IL. Hey, today I’m in Aurora where we just bought another house. As you can see, we’ve got our clean out crew Junk King in the background. They do … Continued

Sell My House – Postcard Offering to Buy My House

Kendall Partners – Postcard Offering to Buy My House Did you recently receive a card in the mail that looks like this? If you did, it’s because we’re looking to buy houses in your area. Hi, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. We’ve been buying homes in the Chicago land area since 2007. We are … Continued

Hoarder House

Sell My House Cash – AS-IS in Lisle

Sell my house for cash in Lisle This is Jeff with Kendall Partners here. Hey, I’m at a house in Lisle, Illinois. This is kind of a unique scenario and not a typical house that we would purchase. It’s in pretty poor condition overall, as you can see.  I’m in the yard where there’s tons … Continued

Cash for Your House in Chicago During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

We are dealing with unprecedented times! Just last month we were going on with our lives as normal, then COVID-19 came in and threw the world on its head. As we all adapt to a new way of life, people are wondering if everything has just stopped? The answer is no. Whether we are working … Continued