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Every day at Kendall Partners, we help homeowners solve their real estate burdens! We’re a professional local cash homebuyer and we’ve been buying houses with cash since 2007. When we speak with homeowners who are ready to sell an ugly house, we provide them with a no-obligation, fair cash offer to help them sell quickly. Our hassle-free home buying process has helped many homeowners in the Chicago area experience the relief of selling a problem house quickly, without all the stress of a traditional real estate sale! Check out our 5 star Google reviews here! We buy houses Chicago and surrounding areas.

We Buy Houses Chicago – What Makes a House a Problem House?

We Buy Ugly Houses
We Buy Houses Chicago

Well, this can definitely be taken literally — a problem house may be extremely distressed or it can have major or minor issues that a picky retail homebuyer would run from. But at Kendall Partners, we usually consider a problem house to be one with several issues. Often these issues are overwhelming the owner with the burdens of home ownership. A problem house is usually a complex set of circumstances that can make the house difficult to sell in a traditional home sale. To list a home like this requires a lot of time, money, and expertise. A problem house is one that is compounded by some combination of the following:

  • A house located in a not-so-desirable area
  • Structural problems
  • Major mechanical systems that need to be replaced
  • Water intrusion
  • Over 20 years old and has never had any updates or repairs
  • Violations, liens, or past due property taxes
  • A house with tragic memories which the owner wants to move on from
  • An unwanted inherited house (often also distressed)
  • An unwanted rental with difficult tenants or family members
  • Any house whose owner can no longer afford to keep, and is long overdue in repairs and maintenance

We Buy Houses Chicago – Why Sell a Problem House

We Buy Ugly Houses Chicago
We Buy Houses Chicago

There are often also life events that cause a person to have to sell quickly. These events add even more stress and urgency to a seller’s situation. The reality is, very few people have the resources required to fix up a problem house and trying to do it during a life stressful life event can be next to impossible! This is exactly why we buy houses Chicago! Below is a short list of reasons people might need to sell very quickly:

  • Retiring and moving out of state
  • Sudden job loss or job transfer
  • Divorce or separation
  • Moving out of state to care for aging family members, or moving elderly parents into assisted living
  • The need to liquidate assets to pay debts or pay assisted living expenses
  • Unexpected medical expenses
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Overwhelming major home repairs needed
  • Sudden health emergency
  • No longer willing to be a landlord

We Buy Houses Chicago – For Sale By Owner?

We Buy Ugly Houses
We Buy Houses Chicago – For Sale By Owner

If you want to sell your problem house, why not just list it yourself as ‘for sale by owner’? That’s certainly an option, however there are a lot of reasons to avoid selling a house yourself. You may think you will have more control over the sale of the property if you sell it this way, however the reality is usually much different. Here are some reasons NOT to sell your problem house yourself:

  • You’ll still have to hire a photographer and videographer for the listing. You’ll also be responsible for the description and marketing, which you’re liable for if you market or advertise incorrectly.
  • When you sell a house yourself, you’re also still responsible for scheduling and hosting showings or open houses, and for making the house presentable. You’ll need to clean it out, clean it up, make basic repairs and keep it clean before and in between all the showings.
  • You’ll spend a lot of time communicating with agents regarding the house, its condition, what offer you’re willing to take and what repairs you’re willing to make. Remember when you communicate with agents, you’ll be liable for accurate and true representation of the property – including disclosures.
  • You’ll be able to market your house using some social media tools, but you won’t have access to the MLS. A majority of homebuyers use agents who all use the MLS for access to the largest number of listings possible for their clients. Therefore, sellers who try to sell their houses ‘for sale by owner’ aren’t taken as seriously.
  • LIABILITY – this is a big problem. Professional real estate agents are insured with Errors & Omissions policies, which protects them when they make mistakes on contracts or in listing descriptions. When you sell your house on your own and try to market it to the general public, you could be held liable for mistakes that occur on your part during the transaction.
  • You will likely struggle to price your property correctly, considering the amount of work that needs to be done with a distressed property. Professionals can evaluate a property’s value based not only on the comps but also with the type of work or associated problems that need a new owner will need to resolve.
  • You may think you’ll save time and money by advertising your house ‘for sale by owner,’ but the reality is you’ll spend a lot of time managing the sale and you’ll spend more money up front with no real guarantee of making it back. And the longer a property takes to sell, the more holding costs such as property taxes, mortgage, insurance, and maintenance and utilities you’ll continue to pay, up until the very day it sells.

How Do I Find the Right Cash HomeBuyer to Buy My House?

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The best thing to do is search for a trusted, local cash homebuyer who has been in business for a substantial length of time and who has real estate expertise. Kendall Partners has been buying houses with cash since 2007, and has the ability and expertise to evaluate any house and make a fair cash offer. We buy houses Chicago, and we have the ability to solve real estate problems for sellers who need an alternative to selling in the traditional way. No matter why you need to sell your house, we will treat you with compassion and respect for your circumstances. We have a friendly and professional team who are ready to give you a no-obligation, fair cash offer on your house. Check out our satisfied seller testimonials and 5 star Google reviews to find out for yourself how Kendall Partners have helped homeowners sell without the hassle and stress a traditional home sale brings!

Kendall Partners offers you a simple, hassle-free way of selling your house. A short conversation is all it takes to get started – then we can walk through your property for a short 15-20 minute inspection. If you accept our fair cash offer, you choose a day for closing. We use a simple one-page contract, which is clear and contains NO SMALL PRINT. And as for the condition of your house, you won’t even need to make repairs or clean it out! You can skip the repairs, the cleaning, and all the other hassle involved in getting a house ready to list. You aren’t bound to a long contract and because we buy your house with cash, there’s no waiting for financing approvals. You won’t have to worry about additional buyer’s inspections or lender appraisals. Our simple, hassle-free home buying process makes it easy for you to sell your house!

Put an end to the frustrations of owning a burdensome house! Whether you need to sell quickly for a new job, to be near aging family members, or because you simply can’t afford to make the necessary repairs to sell your house on the market, we can help! Do you owe years of back property taxes, have liens or violations? Maybe you’re facing foreclosure or divorce, and you need a way to sell the house quickly. Maybe you’re tired of being a landlord, and you really just need to sell the property so you don’t have to track down tenants for rent or make emergency handyman repairs in the middle of the night anymore! No matter what you’re circumstance, if you own an unwanted house and you’re tired of all the frustration that comes along with owning it, we can help. We buy houses Chicago and surrounding areas, and we can help. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information using the form below, and we’ll be in contact with your shortly!

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