We Buy Houses – Will an Investor Buy at Market Price?

Are you looking to sell your house fast in the Chicago area? You may be wondering if an investor will buy your house for market price and why or why not. When it comes to selling your house, you have a couple options. You should always do your due diligence, and you deserve to know what your options are when you need to sell a house quickly. At Kendall Partners, we buy houses as-is, fast, with cash and we buy houses directly from sellers. Below we review your options, and then discuss why selling your house to an investor like Kendall Partners may be a good option for you.

How Can I Sell My House Fast?

In general, when it comes to selling a house, you have a couple options:

  • Sell it on the market by hiring a real estate agent who will review and evaluate your property, comparing it to other similar houses that have sold in your city or neighborhood recently. The agent will then help set the asking price, market your listing, and try to find a buyer who might make an offer near asking price (or of course you can sell it by owner and do that work for yourself).
  • Skip the traditional real estate listing and marketing process, and instead work with a buyer like Kendall Partners who can offer you a price on your house and purchase your home directly from you. We buy houses as-is, fast, with cash – we can buy your house in as little as 14 days from the date of contract, with cash.

If you’re wondering why a seller would choose an investor or whether an investor will buy a house for close to market price, then here’s some additional information you need to know:

How Do Investors Invest?

An investor buys properties at a lower price and then either sells them for a higher price or rents them out for a long term investment. It stands to reason that investors are motivated to find and purchase houses that are priced affordably. When there’s additional work needed, the investor must also consider costs which can include one or more of the following: cleaning it out of years of personal contents, replacing carpet, painting the interior and/or exterior, or completing major repairs or even large renovations. The investor also takes on the normal risks and costs of property ownership such as utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance and lawn care, as well as the risks associated with owning a vacant property. A professional investor is experienced in the day-to-day work of evaluating properties and determining exactly what must go into it in order to increase its value. Unlike popular home fix-up shows which are scripted to play up the drama for ratings, real life investors’ work is rather methodical and requires years of experience with sellers, buyers, contractors, and other real estate professionals. We’ve been buying houses with cash since 2007, and we have the experience to solve many real estate problems. Our home-buying process is hassle-free, and we know how to help homeowners who wish to sell a burdensome property. We buy houses as-is, fast, with cash in order to help sellers in all kinds of situation.

Understanding an Asking Price

Ultimately, whether you list your house through the help of a real estate agent or sell the house directly to an investor, an asking price is only just the starting point for negotiation. What most sellers don’t realize is that an asking price has many factors which are built in. When a house is listed on the MLS, the asking price assumes that any and all maintenance issues or repairs have been addressed. It also assumes that the property is completely cleaned out and cleaned up, in pristine shape, and ready for buyers to move in. Lastly, it assumes there are no other legal issues, such as liens on the title, which will need to be worked through during the sale.

Don’t forget there are additional costs which keep accruing while a property is listed for sale. These include utilities, maintenance, insurance, the mortgage (if there is one), and property taxes that all continue to add up daily while the agent tries to find a buyer. This timeframe can drag out when there are issues with the buyers’ inspection, the appraisal, or the lender. Sellers may need to negotiate price again when the buyers ask for reimbursement for inspection items. Until the property is officially sold, a homeowner own all the risks and responsibilities associated with owning the house. When the property finally sells, the real estate agent will be paid thousands in commissions, which will come out of the proceeds of the sale. When you list a house on the MLS, these costs are something to keep in mind.

We Buy Houses – How Can An Investor Help?

When you work with an investor, you can skip all the worries and costs that come along with holding a property while trying to sell it on the MLS. There’s no need to fix up or clean out that house, potentially saving thousands! You can sell your house quickly, significantly reducing the amount of time you will continue to pay the mortgage, insurance, property taxes, utilities and maintenance like lawn care or snow removal. AND you won’t pay commissions to an agent, because there was NO AGENT involved! This will save you thousands of dollars and you will have access to the proceeds from the sale much faster.

When you work with an investor like Kendall Partners, you will sell your house faster and avoid all the expenses that come with selling your house in the traditional way. Kendall Partners has been buying houses with cash since 2007, and has a proven track record of helping sellers through their hassle-free home buying process. If you’ve inherited a house you wish to sell, are no longer able or willing to keep up with expense maintenance or repairs, are behind in mortgage or tax payments, are going through a divorce, or just need to sell quickly to move out of state for a job or for family issues, selling your house directly to an investor like Kendall Partners may be the right fit for you. We buy houses as-is, fast, with cash. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below for a free, no-obligation cash offer on your house.

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