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So you find yourself ready to sell a problem house – an unwanted, burdensome, and unsightly house – and you really don’t want to pay all the commissions and fees involved with hiring an agent to sell it. At the same time you dread all the time and energy it’s going to take to sell it ‘for sale by owner’. At Kendall Partners, we know how challenging it can be to get a problem house sold. We take the time to listen to the details of your unique situation and answer all your questions about process of selling your house directly for cash. We’ll also discuss the savings involved when you decide to sell your house directly to an investor like Kendall Partners, rather than use an agent or sell it to a retail buyers yourself. Get started today by giving us phone call at (630) 389-8232, and see why our satisfied sellers love us! We buy houses Chicago reviews are in on Kendall Partners, and we can make you a satisfied seller as well.

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – No Repairs, No Renovation

We Buy Ugly Houses Chicago Reviews
We Buy Houses Chicago – No Repairs Needed!

Inspections and appraisals are an integral part of the traditional home selling process, and these can lead to spending thousands on repairs and upgrades to keep a buyer from walking from the deal. Many sellers end up facing an overwhelming repair bill on a hidden issue the inspector uncovered. Buyer’s inspectors might bring up issues and present them as emergencies which need major work and alarm the buyer. Real estate professionals know buyers have a hard time seeing the potential of a house if the finishes — especially the kitchens and baths — are outdated. These types of upgrades require a lot of work, and can include replacing cabinets, flooring, woodwork, and even painting the exterior of the house.

When you sell to Kendall Partners, you won’t need to worry about making repairs or upgrading the house to look brand new. Every day we speak with homeowners who are concerned about the condition of the property they’re ready to sell. Very few homeowners have the time, money, or expertise for a large renovation. It’s very rare when a remodeling project comes in on time and under budget! And if you need to update the kitchen and the bathrooms, then you’re looking at a hefty price tag! Why spend tens of thousands of dollars to complete an entire remodeling project just to try to attract retail buyers? If you own a house that is in disrepair or needs major upgrades, then selling it directly to a trusted, local cash homebuyer like Kendall Partners might be a better fit to sell your unwanted house! We buy houses Chicago reviews on Kendall Partners are in! Hear what satisfied home sellers are saying here.

We Buy Houses Chicago – What About an Estate House or a Hoarder House?

We Buy Ugly Houses Chicago Reviews
We Buy Houses Chicago – No Cleaning Needed!

Experienced real estate agents know that most buyers aren’t able to see beyond the clutter or personal items in a house. This means the seller must clean out the house entirely, getting rid of all the unwanted household items. This can be a bit challenging for those who are selling an inherited house, which may contain a lot of personal things. Some sellers don’t want to go through the boxes and clothes, for various reasons, and they just want to get rid of it all. Others want to try to look for family keepsakes, or figure out which things to donate and which to sell. No matter the seller’s wishes, trying to attract a retail buyer to a house which is full of contents is very difficult. It has to be cleaned out, cleaned up, and made showing ready.

When you sell your house directly to Kendall Partners, we can help you with the clean out of the house you want to sell. Our sellers can take what they would like from the house, and then leave the rest behind. We’ll handle the clean out, and the seller doesn’t have to worry about any of it. In fact, they don’t even have to tidy up for us to come take a look at the property. When you sell to us, you won’t have to pay to have it all hauled away. You won’t have to take the time to sort through things – unless you want to. We’re happy to work with our sellers, no matter the situation. We buy houses Chicago reviews are in – even on hoarder houses, we help our sellers with a hassle-free real estate transaction.

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews Are In – Forget Closing Costs and Marketing Expenses!

We Buy Ugly Houses Chicago
We Pay Your Closing Costs!

When you’re working with a professional real estate agent, or selling your home on your own, the marketing costs are passed down to you. Of course, the more you spend on marketing your house, the better your advertising and ability to reach the public with your listing. As a part of this type of marketing plan, your house will need to be showing perfect at all times! This type of plan usually includes not only cleaning the house out, but also professional staging, photographs, videos and 3D walkthroughs. You’ll need to plan for cleaning between showings, as well. And that’s just the interior! The exterior will also need to be perfectly maintained with an emphasis on curb appeal, landscaping, and staging any exterior living areas. Once you have your offer and make it to closing, you’ll also need to plan for the various closing costs. These include your CPL fees, transfer taxes, and a survey. Lastly, you’ll pay your agent commissions.

When you work with Kendall Partners, you save thousands of dollars by eliminating most of these types of expenses from your real estate transaction. You’ll forego the marketing expenses, since you’re working directly with us rather than trying to attract a buyer. We also pay customary closing costs, such as those mentioned above. And because you’re not using an agent, you’ll saving thousands in the commissions alone! When you sell directly to Kendall Partners, you won’t have to put a lot of time, money, and energy into a real estate transaction on a house you need to sell fast. We buy houses Chicago reviews on Kendall Partners are in, and we’ve helped a lot of sellers with our simple, hassle-free process. Check out our 5 Star Google Reviews here!

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – Time Is Money

We Buy Houses Chicago
We Buy Houses Chicago – We Save You Money

The monthly costs of home ownership can really be burdensome, especially if you have inherited a problem house or you’ve already had to relocate quickly for work or personal reasons. These costs can run into the thousands every month. Mortgage payments, property insurance, ongoing maintenance, security for a vacant property, utilities, and unexpected repairs can all add up. The reality is that whether you live in a house or you own a vacant one, whenever you are the owner of a property these costs WILL continue until the day you sell it. You might be able to offset these costs if you treat the property as a business, however.

Some out-of-state owners may decide to become a landlord in order to recoup some of the costs. What we hear from new landlords is that they didn’t realize that owning a rental also costs money and takes up a lot of time. Finding and keeping a good tenant can be expensive and carries a lot of legal liabilities. Background checks, employment checks and credit reports can be time consuming and expensive. A vacancy while looking for a qualified tenant costs even more! Once a vacancy is filled, tracking a tenant down for late rent becomes a hassle, and evictions can cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete. Even if you have an excellent tenant, keeping up on maintenance requests can also be costly. If you can hire a property manager or a handyman, then becoming a landlord may be the right choice. Keep in mind that a landlord’s bills are still due even when the tenant is late or delinquent with rent payments. These realities are why we have purchased properties from landlords who are ready to sell their burdensome rentals and get relief from managing tenants and toilets! We buy houses Chicago reviews are in from our sellers and landlords, too! Watch our testimonial videos here, and hear what satisfied sellers are saying.

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Every day we work with Chicagoland homeowners who own an unwanted vacant property, need to relocate very quickly for work or family, have inherited a house they don’t want to manage, or are just ready to sell a ‘fixer upper’ that has become a burden. We want to help you take control of your situation, end all the cost and hassle of owning an unwanted house, and help you get relief from the headaches of ongoing maintenance and costs associated with home ownership. You deserve to know whether selling your house for cash will be the right option for you. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information using the form below. Our friendly and professional experts will help you make sense of your options, and will present you with a fair, no-obligation cash offer on your house. See why Kendall Partners is Chicago’s trusted, local cash homebuyer.

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