We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – We Buy Houses Cash 5-Star Reviews

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews
We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews

You’ve probably seen a lot of signs by the side of the road in Chicago …. “We Buy Any House” and “We Buy Houses As-Is” and “We Buy Distressed Houses”. Sometimes they’re just yard signs posted at busy street corners. Sometimes they’re huge billboards along major expressways! Maybe you’re wondering if those types of companies are for real, what they really do, and what’s the catch anyway?! Maybe you think they just try to fool people into selling their house for less than what it’s worth – who would ever sell their house for less than what they could get on the MLS?! The reality is professional cash home buyers like Kendall Partners have a lot of expertise and problem solving skills that help people who need to sell a house off-market. We buy houses Chicago reviews are in on Kendall Partners, and satisfied sellers are giving 5-star reviews!

You may not realize that cash homebuyers help people sell vacant houses, distressed houses, property with junk and debris laying around, inoperable cars in the driveway for years, and brush and vegetation growing out of control! If these houses sit vacant for long, in some areas, they end up becoming a huge problem for the entire neighborhood. Professional cash homebuyers are willing to buy houses that would never be able to be listed on the MLS. They solve the problems and nuisances many neighbors and municipalities are unable to address. They bring relief to homeowners who are overwhelmed with a burdensome property.

How Does a Cash Homebuyer Really Benefit Neighborhoods, Anyway?

We Buy Houses Chicago
We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – We Buy Houses Chicago

You know that ONE vacant house on the block that never seems to be mowed more than twice a year? The one that’s somewhat of a junk yard with rusty car parts laying around? The one with the owner you barely ever see, whose house is very distressed — maybe even has holes in the roof and critters living there? You’ve reported its condition to the city, and there are probably visits from code enforcement, too. You notice a bit of progress on the house but soon it returns to the same state it was in before. Chances are that not much actually gets accomplished, or the owners just can’t manage the amount of work needed to make the house habitable again. These are very sad situations, but we buy houses Chicago and help solve these issues!

In circumstances like this, EVERYONE involved is in over their heads — the occupants, the owners, the owners’ relatives, the neighbors, the city officials — everyone. This is when the owner needs a cash homebuyer like Kendall Partners, who has the cash, the expertise, and the contractors to come in and buy the house AS-IS. When no one else can come forward to solve the situation, a professional cash home buyer will still buy the property — even with the associated risks and problems. A cash homebuyer will get it cleaned out and cleaned up, and either to turn over to someone who will complete the renovation, or to a retail homebuyer who feels comfortable buying it and making additional improvements as they live there.

As of the writing of this article, in the city of Chicago alone there have been 21,906 building violations on vacant and abandoned properties since January 1 of 2011. Imagine living in a neighborhood across the street from a vacant house, and over the course of a few months you notice that there are several random cars showing up there every night. Pretty soon, you see groups of people having parties at night, making lots of noise into the morning hours. The weeds and grass grow up tall, there’s garbage collecting around the house, windows get broken out. Maybe a fire even breaks out, but no one catches it until the entire house is destroyed — good thing the fire didn’t spread to neighboring homes! These events can be corrected or avoided altogether when a cash homebuyer buys a vacant property, cleans it up and makes it ready for a retail buyer who will care for the house.

Over the years, we’ve talked to many neighbors who are thankful we took ownership of the neighborhood eyesore or vacant property. They’ve often been concerned for years about the previous owner’s inability to keep the property maintained and secure. They either were frustrated that the city wasn’t doing anything to get the property straightened up, or they were concerned for their family’s safety because of a vacant house on the block — or both! When we can save a distressed house and get it ready for a new family to move in, this will relieve the original owner of the responsibility of fixing it up, provide affordable housing for another hardworking family, and give the neighbors a sense of relief and renewed sense of security now that the risk of a vacant property has been addressed. We buy houses Chicago reviews are in, see what our satisfied home sellers are saying!

But Don’t Cash Homebuyers Make LOW Offers?

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews
We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – We Buy As-Is

When a cash homebuyer makes an offer on a house, they are making an investment. In other words, they will also sell the house at a later date like any other type of investment. Many times people who sell a house to a cash homebuyer have a particular set of circumstances that make it unreasonable to try to sell the house on the MLS with an agent. Usually this involves the condition of the house. If a house is distressed, a homeowner may have to put tens of thousands of dollars into it just to be able to prepare it for showings. This goes beyond the normal marketing expenses of cleaning, staging, and photos. Most retail buyers want to see upgrades, updates, and renovations! A house built in the 1950s that hasn’t had any updates made to it may require the kitchens, bathrooms, main plumbing lines, and even structural upgrades that need to be made. And depending on what city it’s located in, the seller may even have to get a city inspection and bring all the systems in the house ‘up to code’ in order to get permission to sell it in the first place! The great news is we buy houses Chicago, so sellers don’t have to put thousands into a house just to get it listed and attract retail buyers.

There are very few homeowners who have the luxury of time, money, and expertise to sink into a major renovation JUST TO GET THE PROPERTY READY FOR LISTING. Listing a house without doing the work usually means the property will take a LOT longer to sell, and may not even be acceptable for some types of loan approvals. In the meantime, the seller still has to figure out how to pay the mortgage, interest, insurance, and basic maintenance and utilities that just come along with owning a property – even a vacant property costs money! Then there are the risks with owning a vacant property — fires, water intrusion, vandalism, and other damages are much more likely to occur in a vacant property and will take much longer before it’s noticed. Ask anyone who’s ever had water damage while they were away on vacation, and they can tell you just how expensive it is to clean up and make repairs when a sump pump fails while they were out of town! In fact, insurance on a vacant property can be more expensive than one that’s occupied.

When a cash homebuyer buys a house in ANY condition, they are taking on all of the risks and expenses the average homeowner just can’t afford or manage. Many of our satisfied sellers have told us that we are bringing RELIEF to their situation. Some of them have had to face moving an elderly parent into an assisted living facility, and didn’t realize how distressed the house was until too late. Many inherited a house that was full of personal contents, debris, and was a health hazard. When faced with how to sell a hoarder house, and the task of cleaning it out — they were completely overwhelmed until they learned we were able to buy the house and they would not have to lift a finger to try to get it cleaned out.

What it boils down to is that a cash homebuyer offers a solution that the traditional real estate sales process just can’t offer! When a homeowner needs to sell a house and absolutely cannot put the money into the house to make it presentable to a retail buyer using financing, there are very few agents who are able to find that homeowner a real solution. That’s were direct cash homebuyers, like Kendall Partners, can help.

We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – Kendall Partners 5-star Google Reviews

There are lots of trustworthy cash homebuyers out there, but just like any industry, there are a few who aren’t so great. Take a look at reviews and testimonials, research online to see how long they have been in business, and see how it feels when you interact with a company’s representatives. A trustworthy cash homebuyer should never pressure you to sign a contract! A professional cash homebuyer will take the time to discuss your situation with you to determine if selling your house quickly for cash is really the best way to go. A professional cash homebuyer like Kendall Partners understands the real estate market and has been in business for more than just a couple years!

Kendall Partners has been buying houses with cash since 2007. When you speak with us, we assist you in exploring your options based on your unique set of circumstances so you can decide on the best way to get your house sold. You see, we realize that not everyone should sell their house to a cash homebuyer. Some homeowners really are better off listing their house on the MLS rather than selling to an investor. A professional cash homebuyer will point out when a seller is better off selling in the traditional way, and can connect the homeowner with an agent who can assist. We buy houses Chicago reviews are in on Kendall Partners, check out our satisfied seller testimonials here!

A real cash homebuyer should also be able to buy your house with cash! This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many wholesalers talk about buying houses when they are really looking to find a third party to step in and take over the contract. The wholesaler gets a fee for bringing the parties together, and the third party is the real buyer. Why does it matter whether a wholesaler is buying the property? If you are a seller and you aren’t aware that the person you’re trying to sell your house to is a wholesaler, you’re the one still stuck with the property if the wholesaler can’t find a third party to buy your house! The sale could easily fall through, and then you’re left still trying to find a buyer. When you work directly with a professional like Kendall Partners, you’re working with an investor who actually has the cash and the intention of buying the house from you. You have a LOT more control over the sale of your house this way, because there are no third parties.

So How Does Selling My House For Cash Save Me Time and Hassle?

We Buy Ugly Houses Chicago
We Buy Houses Chicago Reviews – We Buy Houses As-Is

Here’s why we buy houses using cash, and how we have so many great reviews. Every day local home-owners decide they HAVE to sell and they HAVE to sell as soon as possible. The first thing they do is call a real estate agent to get the house listed. Now there are lots of professional, hardworking agents out there. Great agents perform marketing activities such as listing the house, hosting open houses, facilitating the showings, and giving advice to the sellers and buyers to facilitate the sale. But they make money on commission, and the higher the sales price of the house, the higher commission the agent makes. Usually about 6% of the sale price of the house. Unfortunately there are some agents who insist on selling a house at the highest possible price, and they might also insist a seller do a lot of work and expensive marketing before they can list the house. When you hire an agent, get referrals and make sure you understand your listing agreement and the fees involved. You might decide it’s worth the time and money. But when you must sell a distressed house quickly, you may just want to sell it directly to a cash homebuyer.

Imagine this scenario: you’re the seller of a house you just inherited from a distant relative, and you live out of state, and you have no idea what you’re going to do with the house. You travel to Illinois to check it out, and you discover a LOT of major issues. There’s water in the basement, a leaky roof, the garage is falling down, and the house is packed with personal contents. You had no idea the house was this bad! Your agent tells you you’re going to have to fix up all these problems and clean the house out before it can be shown. It’s unlikely any retail buyer will be interested without a major renovation. Then you speak with the neighbors who tell you the city has been by, and there might even be outstanding violations. You now are an out-of-state homeowner of a vacant and extremely distressed property, and if you want to list it, you’re going to have to do tens of thousands of dollars worth of clean-out and renovation. The good news is, we buy even the most unattractive houses in Chicago and we can help!

We speak to people every day who are in similar situations. Some have inherited houses, some have discovered their family member needs to be moved in order to receive health care and their house is in disrepair. Others have major life events that facilitate a move — loss of a job, divorce, loss of a spouse — and the seller may not have life insurance, savings, or other means to make a move happen at the slow pace of a traditional real estate transaction. Some people need access to the cash they have in their house in order to pay off debts from unexpected life events, and give them the ability to move on. Every day there are people who realize this is their situation, and they need help. We buy houses Chicago, and we help solve real estate problems quickly for homeowners who need to sell a burdensome property.

We buy houses Chicago – we give homeowner relief from a burdensome property

When you sell a house to Kendall Partners for cash, you skip all the repairs, clean-out, and fix up required if you were to list the house. You skip the showings, cleaning between showings, the open houses, the waiting for just the right buyer. You also skip the buyer’s inspections, the attorney’s contract and inspection requests, the appraisal, and waiting around for the buyer’s lender to approve the loan. You won’t have to worry about the sale falling through because of a buyer who cancels due to inspection items, or a lender who can’t approve the loan. You save money on the ongoing mortgage payments, insurance, property taxes, utilities and all the maintenance that continues to add up until the day you sell the house. You save all the standard closing costs (Kendall Partners pays these for you) and you save thousands on agent commissions! If you own a burdensome house, why also take on the stress of trying to list a property on the MLS to find a traditional retail buyer? We buy houses Chicago, quickly and with cash so you can sell and move on with your life.

A house listed on the MLS in Illinois can take weeks or even months to sell. Kendall Partners has the ability to pay cash for a house in as little as 14 business days from the date of contract! It all starts with a short phone call to discuss your particular situation, and see if a cash deal with Kendall Partners is the best option. From there, we can have a cash offer range to you within about 24 hours, and we can come out and do a 15-20 minute walkthrough of your house. We make you a fair cash offer and if you’re in agreement, you sign our simple one-page contract — NO SMALL PRINT — and we work with you to close on a date of your choosing. We take the hassle and uncertainty out of the home selling process so you have more control over the sale of your house. Check out our reviews, and give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below. We can’t wait to speak with you about your unique situation to see if selling your house directly to Kendall Partners is a good fit.

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