Who Are The Home Buying Companies In Chicago?

Home Buying Companies in Chicago
Who are the “cash for homes” companies?

You’ve seen the signs for home buying companies advertising “we buy houses in Chicago” and “cash for homes” all around town. In fact, you’ve seen them both locally and on billboards in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. So who are these cash home buying companies in Chicago anyway? Are they really legit? How does it work and who should I trust? Most sellers are used to a traditional home sale process using a real estate agent, so it’s reasonable to wonder whether cash home buyers are on the up-and-up. An experienced, local cash home buying company will take the time to talk with you about your specific situation, why you need to sell and how quickly, and whether a direct sale will be a better fit than a traditional real estate sale. Are you wondering who are these home buying companies in Chicago? Below we delve into these questions and walk you through what to expect when sell a house for cash in Chicago. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us from our contact page, call us at (630) 389-8232, or submit your information through the form below. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Our friendly team is always prepared to speak with a seller about their unique situation.

We Buy Houses in Chicago: Who Are These Home Buying Companies in Chicago?

Selling a house in today’s market under even the best circumstances can be challenging. If you are under pressure to sell fast due to a job loss, relocation, divorce, or a family health emergency that forces you to move out-of-state to be near family, the process of selling your house becomes especially overwhelming. Most homeowners hire a real estate agent to get their house sold without realizing that it will most likely cost a lot of time and money just to get a house ready to list. Fortunately, sellers have options and can sell a house directly to a cash home buyer for cash, and they can do it much more quickly than through a real estate agent and a traditional home selling process. You see, a professional cash home buyer has worked to create a simple system for a seller to close on a house quickly – usually within 10 to 30 days from start to finish. This simple process of selling your house directly to a cash home buyer eliminates the hassle of a real estate transaction. When you sell a house to a cash homebuyer, you won’t have to wait for a lender to approve a loan or conduct an appraisal or other inspections because there IS no loan! This drastically shortens the time it takes for you to sell your house, and allows you to access your proceeds quickly. Another benefit to a seller? Not only do you close more quickly and have access to your proceeds when you need it, the cash home buyer takes on all the risks and responsibilities of the house, allowing you to move on with your life.

We Buy Houses in Chicago: Who Buys Ugly Houses in Chicago?

Selling a house to a cash home buyer eliminates the need to clean a house out, make any repairs or upgrades, or update a house that hasn’t been improved or remodeled in decades. For a homeowner who must sell a house very quickly due to a pressing life event, this is a huge relief! This is usually the main issue for sellers who have no time or money in their budget for preparing a house for a traditional sale. Most real estate agents will ask a seller to get a house updated and in move-in-ready condition in order to attract a buyer who will pay top dollar for the house. Coincidentally, the higher the sales price, the large commission your real estate agent will be paid from the sale of your house. The reality is there are very few homeowners with the luxury of time and money to make major upgrades to a house in order to compete with other listings. A cash home buyer will buy your house in as-is condition and take on all the work you’re skipping on the your fixer-upper, meaning you won’t have to remodel your house, make any large or small repairs at all, or even tidy up!

We Buy Houses in Chicago: Who Offers Cash For Houses in Chicago?

It seems a bit crazy to think there are companies who can afford to buy a house with cash! When there’s no lender involved, it makes the real estate transaction a lot easier to conduct. This is because again, the cash home buyer is taking on all the risk. When a traditional buyer uses a loan product to buy a house, that lender will have an entire underwriting process that must be conducted in order to approve and close on the loan. Every loan requires an appraisal which can vary a bit determining on how conservative an appraiser is and the recent sales of comparable houses. Additionally, depending on what loan product a buyer qualifies for, the underwriting process might include expanded inspections for the lender to approve the condition of the property before the loan is approved. When you work with cash home buying companies in Chicago, you skip these additional steps which not only saves you time, but saves you from the possibility of a loan not being approved. If you’re working with an agent and a traditional home buyer using financing for the purchase, you could very well find yourself back at square one if the loan is not approved.

Home Buying Companies in Chicago – Which One Can I Trust?

If a traditional home sale through the use of a real estate agent is not going to meet the needs of your particular situation and you’ve decided to sell your house to a professional cash home buyer, you’re probably wondering how to go about finding a credible and trustworthy company to buy your house. Not only do you need to avoid the hassle and uncertainty of a traditional sale, you want to know that the cash home buyer your working with will treat you with respect and fairness. You want a company that will follow through on the promises they’ve made, a contract that’s easy to read without all the fine print to have to sift through, and at the end of the day you just want to know you’ve made the right decision for you and your family. Keep reading to discover some things you should look for in a reliable home buying company in Chicago.

A Trustworthy Cash Homebuyer Puts the Focus on YOU, the Seller

We’ve all dealt with pushy salespeople who are only concerned about the bottom line and who make you feel like you’re wasting their time. No one likes to feel this way, but especially not when you’re considering selling a house quickly. Most homeowners who have to sell a house quickly are usually experiencing another life event such as a job loss or transfer, moving or helping loved ones move — or wrapping up estate details after the passing of a family member. When you’re looking for home buying companies in Chicago, you want one who cares about you as a person. A reliable and compassionate cash homebuyer will care more about helping you solve your problems than just their own bottom line. An honest home buying company will work to provide you will all the possible solutions and resources for your unique situation and will walk you through all your options. Simply put, selling a house to a cash home buying companies in Chicago isn’t the best option for every real estate sale, and a principled professional isn’t afraid to admit that. This is the approach we take at Kendall Partners. We are here to listen to why you’re looking to sell, and what end result you desire for your family. We’ve worked hard to create a no-hassle process for selling a house that has worked for many sellers over the years, but sometimes there are other solutions which would be more beneficial. We been buying and selling houses since 2007, so we have the expertise in the local market to make recommendations for our sellers, and we can help guide you in the direction if that’s best for your goals.

An Ethical Cash Homebuyer Won’t Pressure You

You may be looking to sell your house very quickly, or you may actually need a little more time to make arrangements for your particular situation — either way, you shouldn’t be rushed into making such an important decision. A reputable cash homebuyer will give you the time you need to feel confident about signing a contract. You may want to do your due diligence and research the company by looking at online Google reviews, testimonials, or a Better Business Bureau rating. You may need time to talk to other family members who are part of the transaction. Or you might just want to sleep on it. If you’re considering home buying companies in Chicago, you shouldn’t feel rushed. If you’re being pressured to sign a contract the very first time you speak with the company’s representative, this is a red flag. You should always feel comfortable with the company you’re selling to and if the company is honest and transparent then they won’t have any objection to letting your do your research. At Kendall Partners, we understand that if you are considering a direct sale, you may already have pressure from the circumstances of the sale. We work with people who have lost loved ones, inherited a burdensome house, are going through a job loss or sudden move out-of-state due to family health issues or aging parents, and we know that these situation are already stressful. We know you may need time to work through details and feel comfortable about selling, so we won’t add pressure to your situation.

A Professional Cash Homebuyer Has a Plan to Close

Once you feel comfortable and have signed a contract, a reliable cash home buyer will have a plan to keep the sale on track so you have the peace of mind that the closing will not fall through. Having made relationships with other professionals involved in a real estate transaction such as attorneys and title companies, a cash home buyer who closes on many homes each year should have a process to walk you through the steps in a purposeful way which should take somewhere between 7 and 30 days. If the company gets your house under contract and you expect to close in 30 days, then the company tells you they really can’t sell for another 60 or 90 days, this is another big red flag! Maybe they don’t really have the cash to buy your house, or they might really be wholesalers trying to find a third party to ‘reassign’ your contract to! If you’re research home buying companies in Chicago, make sure you know whether the buyer you’re working with really buys houses with cash! At Kendall Partners, we have the ability to buy your house with cash in about 10 – 14 business days from the date of contract. We don’t wholesale, so we don’t push out a seller’s closing to look for a third party to finalize the purchase. We actually close on each house, buying it with cash and taking title to the property. We take the uncertainty out of the home selling process, so you don’t have to worry about the closing falling through. We know some sellers need longer, and we have worked with sellers who need to close at a later date as well. Our priority is buying your house with cash, and we have the no-hassle process in place to take the worry out of closing.

Home Buying Companies in Chicago – Proven Results and Great Reviews

Personal testimonials and reviews from homeowners who have sold a house to the home buying company you’re vetting will tell you a lot! Also take note of their online advertising, whether they have a local office you can visit in person, any local signs they may use as well as the paperwork you’re given. Ask yourself whether the company presents itself in a professional and transparent manner. Is the contract they offer you full of small print, or is it a simple straight-forward document? Research how long the company has been in business, how far back does its online presence go, and how often the company posts blogs or videos which seek to educate sellers. The overall amount of positive reviews and testimonials is very important and will help you decide if the company is really helping sellers. We buy houses Chicago reviews are in on Kendall Partners. You can check out our testimonials from satisfied sellers on our website right here, and don’t forget to check out our 5-star Google reviews here.

Kendall Partners has been buying houses all over Chicagoland with cash since 2007. We help sellers who need to sell burdensome houses quickly, and we help them avoid the cost and hassle of a traditional real estate sale to a retail buyer. Whether you’ve inherited an unwanted house, own a fixer-upper and don’t want to make repairs or remodel, are tired of being a landlord, or you need to sell quickly after the loss of a job or to be closer to aging family members, we can help. No matter your situation, we will treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve. Our proven, hassle-free home buying process allows you to get relief from your situation without all the added costs, time, and energy required to sell to a traditional retail homebuyer. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232, or submit your information using the form below. We’ll discuss your unique situation and to see if selling your house directly to Kendall Partners is a good fit for you, and we’ll give you a no-obligation, fair cash offer in about 24 hours.

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