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Every homeowner’s reason for selling is unique, but many have similar concerns. How can I sell my house quickly? How can I avoid having to put a lot of money into the house in order to make it attractive to buyers? Will I still make the profit I need from the sale of the house? If you are wondering how do I sell my house fast in Joliet, you might want to explore the idea of a cash sale to a trusted cash home buyer. Below we’ll review how a cash sale is completed, and how to vet a cash homebuyer who will be a good fit for you.

Sell My House Fast in Joliet – How does it work?

A cash buyer doesn’t need a lender in order to purchase your house. This means you don’t have to worry about a lender’s conditions such as an appraisal or, in some instances, an inspection of the property’s condition. When you sell your house to a cash home buyer, you not only skip the appraisal process, but you save a lot of time. Waiting for a lender to process and approve a mortgage can take at least 45 days or more, especially when many current homeowners are busy refinancing. Also, you won’t have to wait for a cash home buyer to sell their current home in order to buy yours, a problem you likely would encounter when selling to a traditional buyer.

Selling your house off-market saves you time and money. When you hire an agent and list your house, you will need to put some money into it to market it. This includes cleaning, storage, staging, photos and videos, and any maintenance, repairs and upgrades that should be made to attract the right buyer for the price you hope to sell for. If you have the time and money to put in, it might still be the best way to sell. However, for a homeowner who is wondering how do I sell my house fast in Joliet, it might be time to find a cash buyer and avoid the traditional route.

Finding the Right Cash Buyer

When you search online for a cash buyer, you’re likely to find a few in the Chicagoland market. Some of them are local investors, some are large franchises, others are ‘ibuyers’ who offer web platforms for the sale of your house. Some are wholesalers who market as cash home buyers, but who may sign a contract with you and then go look for someone else to complete the sale – or ‘reassignment’ of their original contract. It’s important to find someone you’re comfortable working with, and that you understand the terms of the contract you sign. If you don’t fully understand the contract, you can end up coming away with less profit than you need to make.

There are some red flags to look for — if you’re asking yourself how do I sell my house fast in Joliet, you’re probably already under pressure due to unexpected circumstances or due to the weight of owning a burdensome property. A trustworthy cash home buyer should be willing to listen to the problems you’re trying to solve and be able to walk you through to a solution that will work for you, even if that means finding someone to help you sell your house in a traditional way. We’ve all dealt with pushy a salesperson who is only concerned about their own bottom line, and if you’re feeling pushed into making a decision then it’s probably not a good fit for you.

You should also make sure you read a company’s reviews and pay attention to any testimonials from other sellers. What are other people saying about their experience selling to the cash buyer you’re considering? How long has the company been in business, and are they truly real estate experts in the Chicagoland area – or have they just recently popped up and created a website? Can you verify the company’s information and location, or is the person you’re speaking with just a single person with no company at all? These are very important considerations you should make when looking for a trustworthy and experienced cash homebuyer.

Sell My House Fast in Joliet – Review a Cash Offer

So how do you know if the cash offer you’ve received is a fair one? There is no one way to evaluate every offer, and much of this depends on what the seller NEEDS from the sale of the house. If your house is in move-in-ready condition and needs no major upgrades, you could take a look at other recent sales for similar houses in your area to compare. Of course, you need to account for what retail sellers would be paying out from closing, including an agent’s commission and other typical closing fees.

On the other hand, if your house needs a lot of work then determining a fair price is more difficult. This is because most homeowner just don’t have experience in determining exactly how much rehab work needs to be completed in order to fetch a certain price on the retail market. Will paint and carpet suffice, or does the house also need major mechanicals, the roof, and a new kitchen in order to sell for the same price as another one in your neighborhood? Do you have the time, money, and contacts to hire a general contractor to complete the work? Can you continue to pay for the monthly expenses of owning your house – possibly while living somewhere else – while the work is being done? If a homeowner is going through foreclosure, divorce, job loss or an unexpected health crisis, selling a house quickly for cash may be more valuable than trying to put a lot into the house in order to sell it for a retail price.

The Purchase Contract and Closing

Real estate contracts can be several pages long, with lots of ‘legalese’. You might have heard the saying ‘the large print gives but the small print takes away’. It’s important that you review any contract before you sign it. The purchase contract should include the purchase price, the amount of any deposit or earnest money, the closing date, and other terms such as who pays closing costs. Even though a cash sale of your house should be fast, there are sometimes circumstances that can stretch out the sale a bit longer. These can include HOA provisions, removing a lien from the title, completing city sale requirements such as inspections and certificate of occupancy before the sale of a property, or just getting a group of heirs to all sign paperwork in a timely manner. Despite these types of situations, selling a house to a cash buyer is still much faster than a retail sale to a financed buyer.

Again, a cash closing is much quicker and more flexible than one that involves financing and a traditional retail buyer. An investor might be more flexible as well, such as offering a post-closing possession in order to finish removing personal items, or allowing the seller to leave unwanted items behind. Other than the fact that closing a cash sale is quicker than a financed one, the actual closing itself will be a lot like a traditional sale. It will still be held at a title company, and you’ll still be signing documents that you would normally sign – with the exception of mortgage and financing type documents. You may even be able to sign documents electronically, depending on the title company’s requirements.

Sell My House Fast in Joliet – What Are the Benefits

If you want to sell your house fast for cash, you may have one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are experienced job loss, job transfer, unexpected health issues, or you need to relocate quickly
  • Your house is in need of major repairs or remodeling, you either can’t or don’t want to fund the work
  • You’ve inherited a house and live out of state, making it challenging to coordinate its sale
  • You’ve inherited a house and you have no need to keep it and no desire to become a landlord by renting it out
  • You are assisting your loved one to downsize and need the funds quickly for assisted living arrangements
  • You just don’t have the time, energy, or money to get your house ready for a traditional sale nor do you want to go through the hassle of accommodating showings and open houses only to have to wait on a buyer’s appraisal, inspection, financing and closing.

A Quick and Hassle-Free Closing – No Commission and Less Fees

A cash sale allows you to get your house sold FAST, sometimes in as little as 7 – 14 days. When you aren’t waiting for a buyer’s financing — which can and does sometimes even fall through — it’s not really a matter of asking IF your will close, but WHEN you’ll close. The last thing a seller wants is to get within days of closing only to find out their buyers’ financing was not approved, or to have the appraisal come back at a lower value than the contract price. Both of these situations can and do happen. You also skip the other headaches of selling a house such as cleaning, staging, photos and videos, showings and open houses, and a buyer who wants to drop in and ‘take measurements’ while under contract.

Even though an investor will not pay retail price, you will also save money on the transaction as well as on holding costs. In a traditional retail sale, a seller can expect to pay about 6% of the sales price in realtors’ commissions. There are also closing costs including title, escrow, CPL fees and municipalities’ transfer taxes if there are any. Lastly, the longer it takes to sell a house the longer the owner will still be paying holding costs. Holding costs accrue until the day a property is sold, and include the mortgage payment if there is one, property taxes, insurance costs, utilities, HOA dues, regular maintenance, and repairs if anything breaks down while under contract. When you add up commissions, fees, and holding costs, you can save thousands of dollars.

Sell My House Fast in Joliet – Ready to Cash Out?

WHY KENDALL PARTNERS? If you’re wondering how to sell your house fast, we’re here to help you see if selling your house directly to Kendall Partners is the right fit for you. We are your trusted, local cash homebuyer and we’ve been buying houses with cash since 2006. We’ve worked hard to create a quick, simple, hassle-free process to make selling your house as easy as possible. And we actually BUY your house with cash – we don’t wholesale. This means you won’t be trying to find someone to step in and take over your contract. We have a friendly team who will always treat you with compassion and respect for the situation you’re facing, no matter the reason for selling.

What Our Sellers Say About Kendall Partners

We have worked with many sellers all over Chicagoland who have found us to be the best fit for their needs. Check out our seller testimonials to hear first hand from satisfied sellers. Don’t forget to read our 5 star Google Reviews for even more feedback from homeowners who have chosen Kendall Partners to sell a house fast.

Some reasons homeowners have chosen to sell to Kendall Partners:

  • No real-estate commissions – saves you thousands!
  • We pay standard closing costs
  • No need to remodel, repair, or even clean the house for a retail buyer
  • Avoid parades of showings and open houses
  • Sell off-market for more privacy – no nosey neighbors
  • No bank approval needed and no special lenders’ requirements – we buy using cash!
  • No waiting to find a retail buyer to make the right offer
  • Access your cash proceeds quickly
  • Close quickly, even from out-of-state

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Selling a house is a difficult decision to make, even in the best of circumstances. If you’re asking how will I sell my house fast in Joliet, give us a call today. Kendall Partners is your local, trusted cash home buyer with a proven, hassle-free process to help you sell your house fast, as-is, for cash. Every day we help homeowners who need to sell a house quickly. Whether you’ve inherited an unwanted house, no longer want to be a landlord, or you just are experiencing an unexpected life event and you need to move as quickly as possible we can help. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information using the form below. One of our friendly team members and professional real estate experts are ready to help you make sense of your options, and will present you with a fair, no-obligation cash offer on your house. See why Kendall Partners is Joliet’s trusted cash home buyer.

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