We Buy Houses in Aurora, IL

We Buy Houses in Aurora, IL
We Buy Houses in Aurora, Illinois

Sell My House in Aurora, IL – Even if it’s Full of Junk

Hi this is Jeff with Kendall Partners, and we buy houses in Aurora, IL. Hey, today I’m in Aurora where we just bought another house. As you can see, we’ve got our clean out crew Junk King in the background. They do a phenomenal job of going with us to every house we buy, and doing the clean out, the cleanup- some light demolition for us – and they remove all the contents. 

Normally a seller will contact us with lots of questions about whether they can leave things behind. The answer is, “Yes, we’ll handle ALL of that.” They’ve got several trucks here, and probably a few more they’ll have to go back and get, to remove the contents — dressers and clothes and stuff that this seller didn’t want, didn’t need and couldn’t move. 

Sell My House for Cash in Aurora, IL

In this situation, the seller lived out of state and found us online. We were only together for about two or three weeks before we closed on the property. But it worked out great for her and worked out great for us. She wanted a simple and hassle-free transaction, and that’s what we’ve been doing since 2007. So we’re thankful for her contacting us and putting her faith and trust in us, that we could do what we say we do, and execute on our end.

She wanted a cash buyer. She did not want to work with a wholesaler. She needed to make sure she had a deal she could count on, because she had to relocate out of state and be with some family. Again, we closed as fast as we could, between paying for all the closing costs, pulling the survey — you can see the survey stakes here behind me — but we paid for all those closing costs and made it super easy.

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So if you need a junk cleanout, call these guys. Matt Schmitt is our local contact – great guy, a good friend of mine, and just a trusted partner for us. I’m sure they’d provide the same for you. If you need to sell your home fast, for cash, and you want a fair offer, call Kendall Partners. We’ve been buying since 2007, and we’d love just the chance to chat with you. There’s no obligation, and we just need about ten minutes on the phone to see if we’re a good fit for each other, and then provide you with a cash offer. Call Jeff at (630) 348-9833.