Moving Out Of State? This Was an Easy Transaction for All

Moving Out Of State?   This Was an Easy Transaction for All.
Video Transcription

This is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Hey, I’m at a home here in Elgin, Illinois. We just ended up closing on the property a few days ago. First time to come through and walkthrough after the sellers have left the home. We were giving them a few days to relocate. They moved out to Colorado, so again, another couple that left Illinois and exited. They wanted to be closer to family. Some things that were really important to them were the timing of the sale. Obviously the price – we were CASH. We just walked through, and kind of go through it, but there’s no secondary inspection. We offer actual cash. In other words, we wrote them the one-page contract that’s very simple and easy to read. They understood that. We understood it, they got ahold of the attorney. The attorney loved the contract. We moved forward… and this was way back in January of 2020, here we are, March 11th, 2020 on the day of closing or two days after closing. They set the closing date that works for them.

Simple one-page contract cash offer, no messing around. It was good for them. And this is kind of typical. I mean, they didn’t want all of their stuff, they couldn’t load it all up. They didn’t have the time or energy to do all those things. And honestly, we said, “You know what? Leave it, we’ll take it, don’t do repairs, leave anything you want.” And they left a pretty good … A sizable amount of items for us to take care of. So that’s fine. That’s part of the deal, that was all agreed upon. So again, cash offer, no inspection. Made it easy on them and it was a win/win for all of us. The attorneys were happy, the sellers, of course, were happy. It worked well for us.

So if you’re in need of a cash offer on your home looking to sell your home again, we’re an Elgin. This was a pretty straight-up sale. They found us on Google and they searched and found three or four companies, I think they interviewed all of them, got offers from all of them…ended up working with Kendall Partners. They enjoyed Aaron, myself, and our team. We’re straight forward. We’re upfront. And we’d love the opportunity to work with you, get you a cash offer, and solve your problem. And if you’ve got a house like this and you’ve got stuff you want to leave behind and you want an easy transaction, we’d love to work with you.

So Jeff with Kendall Partners, thanks for the opportunity.

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