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Are you tired of being a landlord? Do you own vacant real estate or even possibly have a house going through foreclosure? Property in probate? Maybe just an unwanted property that you would like to just be done with? We have worked with sellers in all types of situations just like these throughout the Naperville and greater Chicagoland area. We buy multi-family units and single-family homes throughout the Chicago burbs, with or without tenants and in good shape or bad. There isn’t much that you really have to do when you are tired of being a landlord and are eager to get out — except to give us a call! We pay all the costs!

Kendall Partners Buys Rental Property in Naperville
Video Transcription

Hey, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Hey, I’m at a house here in Naperville, Illinois. We recently just purchased this property yesterday, and this particular house was a rental property. Sorry, we’ll step in here. That we purchased from the owner that, I think he had the house for about 25 years. So, you could imagine that he went through several tenants that kind of had their way with the property.

The property wasn’t left in too bad of condition. You get your handful of debris and this one had some pet damage, but he was just tired of being landlord, he was ready to move on, so we came in and presented a cash offer to them that they were willing to negotiate with us. We finally came to an agreement and closed on the property. That time frame was about two or three weeks. So he had to get the tenant out and give them some notice, but it was a cash offer. We closed on the property quickly, and paid all the closing costs. So the seller was able to leave the closing table with the proceeds and only pay for his side of the fees, his attorney, prorating some taxes – just the standard costs.

Excuse me. But if you’ve got a house like this, either unwanted rental real estate or maybe a probate situation. Maybe you’ve currently or recently lost a loved one and there’s some real estate left over, we have done numerous types of probate deals for years. We have been buying homes since 2007 and we’ve done dozens and dozens of types of probate transactions where we need to work with the seller and probably their seller’s attorney, the estate attorney, and work the deal through probate, and we see it all the way to closing. So, if that’s the situation that you have, we could certainly work with you there too.

Any type of unwanted real estate, any type of rental property. If you’re done being a landlord, if you’ve got a house that you’d love to sell and move on quickly, we’d love to buy a deal from you and work with you and create a win-win situation. We have been doing this, like I said, since 2007, and hundreds of deals under our belt.

We’d love the opportunity to work with you. And visit our website, kendallpartnersltd.com, or give us a call, you can talk with me or my business partner Kevin. I’m Jeff, I’m one of the owners of the company, and we’d love the opportunity to work with you. Give our team a chance, there’s no obligation. And again, love the opportunity to get to work with you.

Thank you, have a great day.

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