Moving out of Illinois? We can help you relocate quick!

Moving out of Illinois? We can help you relocate quick! Kendall Partners Ltd - Local Cash Homebuyer
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Are you looking to move out of Illinois? I just got off the phone with a lady and it seems like, at least for this seller and the previous sellers that I’ve spoken with this week, everyone is exiting Illinois. This particular lady had a job that she was relocating for, so that’s understandable. She was excited but she was nervous because she’s kind of under the gun and needs to sell her home quickly. She did not want to go through the hassle of putting their home on the market, getting it all cleaned up, and have all the showings, and the feedback, and the open houses, and everything that goes along with that. She did have a few agents come by and tell her, “Hey, you’ve got to fix the flooring, and replace all the wallcoverings, and repaint this, and update the cabinetry,” to get something closer to the price that she wanted.

Anyway, looks like we’re going to be able to work with her and get her the offer that she wants. Of course, it’s a cash offer. We are going to pay the closing costs, which really excited her and I told her, “Hey, realistically in Illinois we can close in about 10, maybe 14 days.” Some buyers have said you can close in two or three days, or maybe you’d seen a roadside sign that has said, “We can close in three days.” In Illinois, honestly, to make sure the transaction is done properly and all the title work is done, it takes about seven to 10 days to get that all done and then scheduled. Especially if you’re using an attorney. So, I just wanted to make this video to say if you’re moving out of state and relocating, or maybe you just have a loved one that you want to go take care of or need to go take care of in Tennessee or Florida, it seems like everyone’s moving down south.

This particular lady was going to North Carolina. So, if you’re going to take care of a loved one or maybe you’re going to find a loved one, whatever the case is, there are several reasons you may want to leave the state of Illinois. I’ve heard lots of people say, “Hey, because of the the weather. It’s just too cold in the winters,” or, “The summers aren’t warm enough,” or whatever the case is. I can tell you this here, it’s because of the rain. We’ve had so much rain over the last few months, but you know another reason might be because of the taxes. I’m sure we’ve all heard that about the taxes, whether it’s the state tax, or your local tax, or the tax on top of the tax. Or, how about the property taxes we have to pay as homeowners? They can get crazy out of hand.

So if you’re someone that’s looking to move out of the state of Illinois and would like to sell quickly, contact us. Call us at the office here or go back to our website,, and fill out your information. Give us an opportunity to get back with you and give you a cash offer. Again, we will cover the closing costs, make it super easy on you, and we have a proven track record. We’ve been doing this since 2007. I’ve got myself, I’m Jeff, my business partner, Kevin, and Aaron from our office would be doing the running around and talking with you and doing some of the underwriting on the deal to see how that may go, and what kind of offer we can give you. It’s all cash and we’re just a local company here located in Yorkville, Illinois. So we’re just about 50 or 55 miles west of the city of Chicago.

I happen to be a combat veteran. I served in two wars and we’ve actually worked with quite a few veterans, so maybe that’s you. We’d love the opportunity to chat. So again, if you’re looking to exit the state of Illinois, sell your home and potentially move on to the next place, give us a shot and we’d love the opportunity to work with you. All right, thank you. Have a good day, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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