Mortgage Problems Means I Have to Sell My House – What Can I Do?

Are you having mortgage problems? Is the bank threatening to take your house? Do you need to sell the house on time so you can pay off your debts quickly? If yes, then we can help. We buy houses Chicago, regardless of their state.

By taking the house off your hands and paying you cash for it, your mortgage problem automatically becomes ours. At Kendall Partners Ltd, we specialize in the purchase of properties in and around Chicago at very fair and competitive rates. 

So, just because you’re in a bind, doesn’t mean we’ll undercut you. Some businesses do that, not us. And no, we don’t secure buyers for your property.  We are the actual buyer!

We actually take the Title, so you don’t have to wait and hope for a buyer to come along to purchase the property. We’ll buy your house in Chicago, and pay you for it, period.

Why Should you Sell to Us?

Little or No Wait Time on the Market 

We buy houses in Chicago within two weeks. From contact to payment. That’s the max length of time it takes to close the deal.

If you go the traditional route, chances are your home might be listed for weeks, if not months. In fact, we’ve had some clients whose properties were listed for 18 months.

And while it was there, it was costing them money every month. Anyway, we reached out to them and closed the deal very quickly on terms that were agreeable to both of us. This is what we’ll do for you if you agree to sell to us today.

Zero Dealings with Fickle Buyers

One of the biggest gripes that homeowners have with selling their houses is fickle buyers. These people will visit multiple times during your open house sessions, indicate interest, and just plain disappear or backtrack on their intentions to sell.

This is frustrating. The good news is when we buy houses in Chicago, we pay upfront. There’s no fickleness or worry that we’ll change our minds. Once we like your property and it’s for sale, we’re buying it straight.

Fixes Your Money Problems

If you’re really struggling with keeping up the mortgage payments, selling to us is a surefire way to gain access to capital. With that cash, you can easily pay off the house, and keep some profit for yourself.

It’s honestly a win-win situation for everyone. You get to sleep better, have no worries about the banks taking you’re your home and we get to keep your beautiful property.

No Fees

Listing your home the traditional way always involves paying certain fees, particularly after the deal is closed. These fees eat into your profits and really aren’t necessary.

We buy houses in Chicago from sellers who enjoy the added benefit of not having to pay any fees. This means no agent fees, no listing or closing fees, and zero commission paid out. All that’s left goes straight into your pockets. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

Some added benefits include not having to spend money on repairs and maintenance. Honestly, this is about as good as it gets. So, get in touch with us today via our website at or call us at (630) 348-9833 to schedule a meeting.


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