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Considering selling your home or the property of a loved one? Wondering who is the ‘best’ and who will pay the most? Maybe you are concerned with finding a local company to work with an relate to….somebody that has a proven system for buying homes and actually doing what they say they will do?! Check out the video below and call or contact us to chat more about who we are and what we can do for you. We look forward to the opportunity.

Kendall Partners - A LOCAL Chicagoland Cash Home Buyer
Video Transcription

Jeff: Hey, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Hey, I’m at a house out here in Dekalb County, actually a house that we own that’s on a beautiful lake property. And I’m just leaving a final walkthrough with our general contractor. Beautiful house out here, but it wasn’t so beautiful, as you can imagine, a few months ago.

The story with this house is we ended up purchasing this property, actually finding this property. The sellers had recently moved out, not taking care of the property very well at all, and reached out to us. They were looking for a cash buyer investor. They knew that they did not want to put the house on the market and so here we are. They contacted us. We were able to work with them. They did find us online and we were able to come in and present a cash offer to them that worked for them. And we actually paid the closing costs.

I don’t know if you can see the lake in the background, but beautiful lake property. The house sits right on the water in just a small town out here in Dekalb County. We’re in far western Chicago land here in the suburbs. Probably the last real suburb, I guess if you will, or maybe even that’s too far.

We worked with the homeowners and closed on the property within about two or three weeks after our contract with them, and like I said, it was a cash offer. We paid their closing costs. They decided to go with us because we were a local company. My business partner, Kevin, and I, we both obviously work locally. We live locally here. They felt comfortable with that. They knew that we weren’t a big fly-by-night huge mega company, like an iBuyer or even Zillow, I guess, is buying houses now. They felt really comfortable working with us.

I happen to be a combat veteran. I spent a couple years or just more than a couple years back in the early 2000s overseas in combat. So they felt comfortable relating to us in that way. Like I said, we live here. We go to church here. It meant a lot to them, and obviously the offer meant something to them, too. It was a win/win situation.

You fast forward a few months, and like I said, we were just doing the final walkthrough with the general contractor. The house needed tons of work. Top to bottom, basement. Like I said, it’s on the lake, so there was lots of landscaping and things that needed to be done.

The sellers obviously have moved on. They owned another property, so they were able to focus on that property and not have two houses to worry about, but there was nothing strange about the situation. They just really couldn’t keep up with both mortgage payments, so they had to let this one go to the wayside. They weren’t in foreclosure. It was not a probate. It was just your standard sale, but again, they just needed to get out quickly. And honestly, the house was not ready to be put on the market and nor did they want to put a bunch of money into the house to get it ready to list retail, where you’re going to have buyers coming through, and picky buyers with showings and that type of thing.

Again, we’ve been buying houses since 2007. We’ve done several hundred transactions. Our office is in Yorkville. You could come visit us. You can check out our website, Give us a call at our office. Again, I’m a veteran. I’d love to speak with you guys about your situation, potentially try and work a deal with you. Give us a shot. There is no obligation. And we’d certainly love the opportunity to work with you. Again, Jeff with Kendall Partners, and have a great day. See you.

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