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Do you own a house you must sell quickly? At Kendall Partners, we understand that selling a house under normal circumstances can be very stressful. Cleaning out a house of personal contents, making repairs and upgrades, keeping it clean while you have weeks or months of showings coming through at inconvenient times …. and that’s all just to hopefully attract a buyer who might make you an acceptable offer. Then there’s the negotiating, the inspections, and the appraisal to get through! If you own a house you need to sell quickly, for whatever reason, you may not be able to come up with the time, money, and energy it takes to list and sell a house in the traditional way. If you’ve ever wondered how you can sell your house fast, then Kendall Partners may be able to help you. We Buy Houses La Grange IL fast, as-is, with cash. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below to receive a no-obligation, fair cash offer on your house, and see if our no-hassle home buying process is a good fit for your real estate goals.

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We Buy Houses La Grange IL As-Is – Make No Repairs

One of the biggest concerns our sellers have is whether they can sell their house without having to make any repairs. Sometimes, a house has gone decades without any major upgrades or facelifts, and there’s just no way to get the highest market price without doing an entire renovation! Sometimes there are even violations and sellers are concerned because they aren’t able to do the work and get those cleared. Few homeowners have the time, energy, know-how, contacts, or money to manage a large remodeling project. We don’t see this as a problem –we’ve been buying houses in ANY condition since 2007, and we aren’t afraid to buy a house that needs a lot of work. We conduct a 15-20 minute on-site inspection of your house, and we provide you with a fair, no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours. We buy houses La Grange IL in ANY condition.

Another concern we often hear from homeowners is they can’t get the contents all removed. Many of our sellers have inherited a house from a loved one or are helping a loved one move out of state, and the house is full of unwanted personal contents. We can handle the clean out, even if the house was a hoarder house! In fact, you won’t even need to tidy up! We’ve seen it all from just a few pieces of large furniture left behind, to debris and overgrown brush in the yard, to houses so full of items we could barely walk through the rooms. We know how to get these types of situations handled so that sellers can take what they want, leave the rest and move on. Take a look here at one such house we purchased in 2020. We’re professionals, we’re discreet, and we can help sellers in most situations sell their house quickly and move on from the burden of cleaning it out. We buy houses La Grange IL, as-is, in any condition.

We Buy Houses La Grange IL with Cash

When you sell your house by listing it, you’re most likely going to have financed offers. This means waiting on bank approvals, inspections, the buyers’ mortgage underwriting process, and an appraisal. Even in the best of circumstances, this part of the process can take up to 45 days or more! Worse, you can be within days of your closing date only to find out the buyer could not be approved for the loan after all. This puts you back at the drawing board, re-listing your house, hoping for another offer just as good or better than the first one that fell through. A better 2nd offer is rarely the case since potential buyers will think the deal fell through due to problems with the house itself.

When you work with Kendall Partners, you skip all the mortgage issues that can come up because we buy your house with cash! No bank approvals, no mortgage underwriting, no inspections, and no appraisals! We save you time, because we have cash available to purchase your home in as little as 14 days from the date of contract. We do not wholesale, so when we sign a contract to purchase you home, we intend actually to buy your house with cash! We don’t just try to get your house under contract only to go and find some other third party to buy your house instead! We buy houses La Grange IL with cash so you can get your house sold fast!

We Buy Houses La Grange IL – We Save You Money

There are a lot of costs associated with selling a house the traditional way. This can include agency fees, listing fees, cleaning and repairs, photographs and videos just to start! And until the day you sell the house, holding costs are accruing – including property taxes, the mortgage (if there is one), interest, insurance, utilities, and ongoing maintenance such as mowing or snow removal. You also may encounter more repairs or credits if the buyer requests them, or even a price reduction if the inspector discovers something major the buyer wants addressed. Then when you finally do sell, you will pay your agent thousands in a commission out of your proceeds. All these items can add up and cut into the profit you hope to make on the sale of your house.

When you sell directly to Kendall Partners, you don’t pay any marketing fees because you’re working directly with us! You don’t have to clean out the house, maintain cleaning, have photos taken or make any repairs. And because we can buy quickly with cash, you save on your holding costs that add up on a daily basis just by owning the property! Lastly, you won’t pay any commissions! Not only do we save you thousands on the up-front costs of listing and selling a house in the traditional way, but we pay your customary closing costs for you! When you need to sell a burdensome house quickly, we can save you money on the sale of the house. We buy houses La Grange IL fast, as-is, with cash. Check out testimonials from satisfied homeowners here, and check out our 5 star reviews too! Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below to see if Kendall Partners’ hassle-free home buy process is a good fit to sell your house fast for cash!

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