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Buy My House Cash – Who Pays Closing Costs?

Hi, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Today I’m just in my office here, getting ready to wrap up for the day. I’ve had a lot of questions lately from people saying “Hey, we love your offer. Can you tell me more about what closing costs you guys pay when you Buy My House Cash?”  And that’s a good question, we have that question a lot and I wanted to make a short video explaining that and how simple it is.

We use a one page contract to purchase homes here throughout Illinois – which we’ve been doing since 2007. When we give a cash offer to you to buy your home — let’s just say the contract is at $200,000 — you’re basically going to get that contract amount, minus any attorney fees that you may pay, which is up to you. That could be $300, could be $1300 – I hope it’s not that high, but it could be. And then you’re also going to be paying your tax prorations through the date of closing. Real estate taxes are paid in arrears here in Illinois, that’s just how Illinois works. You got the tax prorations as a credit when you bought the home or were given the home, and now when you sell, you’re going to give them to — hopefully to us, Kendall Partners — as the new buyer.

Jeff was very easy to work with, Everything from the first phone call to the final closing was smooth. My lawyer was impressed in the one page contract ,no loop holes or hidden items. Also Kendall Partners were very helpful in wading through the 10+ multi page contracts with all the hidden items that would have cost money out of my pocket.

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Buy My House Cash – What Closing Costs are Paid?

From there, Kendall Partners pays for title insurance, for the escrow, for the closing fees – you may have heard that’s what it’s called – the closing protection letter (or CPL fees), state, county and city transfer taxes. We cover ALL of that. We also buy our own survey, that could be $300 or that could be $800 depending on the size of the property. Our one page contract spells all that out, it’s very simple. Attorneys like it. Your attorney will get along with it just fine. They may want to modify the contract, which is fine, I’m sure we can come to agreement. And that’s basically it. If you are asking your who will buy my house cash, Kendall Partners can.

You get your purchase price, minus your attorney’s fee, and your tax prorations from closing. Depending on where you’re located, for example Chicago, or Westmont, or Westchester, or Lombard, certain towns and municipalities have different transfer fees in order to close. So we have to take that into account, into our offer, and make sure we’ve got that rolled in there. We do all that due diligence up front so that you know when you get a cash offer from us, the offer is actually what it says. So we’re not looking to write you an offer, then go back and say ‘we forgot this fee or that fee.’ We believe in doing our research up front, before we write the offer. If you want a cash offer, Call Jeff at (630) 389-8230, or submit your information below.

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Just know that if you’re working with Kendall Partners, looking to sell your home, and you want a cash offer – you’re looking for an investor, you’re searching on the internet — who’s the best investor, who’s the best cash buyer, — whatever words you might be using to find the right company to work with, if you weren’t referred directly to us  — but hopefully you were — unless you found us online or maybe you got something in the mail from us, just do your research. Make sure, if you’re not working with us, that whoever the investor is will cover your closing costs. They certainly should be, that’s normally how this industry works. 

So make sure you’re getting apples to apples pricing on your contract. One contract is not the same as the next contract. There’s a saying that goes “The big print gives it to you, but the small print takes it away,” which is true. There is no ‘fine print’ in our contract. It’s a one page document that spells it all out, and it’s written in plain wording for anyone to understand.

I hope that helps clear up questions about closing costs, and I hope that if you have any questions you’ll contact us. I’m Jeff with Kendall Partners, I’m one of the owners and the decision maker on all of our purchases. I’d love the opportunity to talk with you, to sit down with you at your home or at least speak with you over the phone. If we have to, we can talk via text or chat and we can put a deal together. If you want a cash offer, Call Jeff at (630) 389-8230, or submit your information below.

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If you’re looking to sell in the Chicagoland area, looking for someone to Buy My House Cash, wanting to sell your house as-is for cash, regardless of condition, give us a call for a no-obligation offer on your house. You can send me an email at or give me a call at (630) 389-8232. Thanks for the opportunity, and have a great day.