We Buy Houses – What Homeowners Should Know About Listing A House In Illinois

When you have a big event in your life such as a new job or job transfer, or a family emergency which makes it necessary to move closer to relatives, you may need to sell your house fast. Or maybe you’ve been considering downsizing or retiring, and you’ve finally made the decision now is the right time. Whatever your situation, when it’s time to sell your house, your first instinct is to call up a local real estate agent and get your house listing on the MLS as quickly as possible. After all, you can’t sell your house if no one knows you want to sell it, right? While working with an agent is the right choice for some homeowners, you do have options! We buy houses directly from homeowners, without listing it on the MLS. If you are trying to decide the best way to sell your house fast and you’re considering hiring an agent, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

The Costs Can Be High

Homeowners should be aware of all the costs that typically go into a successful listing. Commissions, which are paid to the agents at your closing, can cost you thousands. In fact depending on the condition of the house you’re selling, you’ll have a number of other expenses to deal with before your house can even be listed. You will most likely need to make some basic repairs and have the house professionally cleaned. There are also marketing costs, such as photographs and staging services. During a pandemic like the one we’ve experienced in 2020, you can also expect to have costs associated with a video or virtual tour to assist homebuyers in viewing your listing online. These marketing costs are not often covered in your agent’s listing agreement.

Many homeowners also decide to have their own professional home inspection completed to be aware of any potential issues and the associated costs of repairs or repair credits they will have to give to get the house sold. If a potential buyer makes an offer with FHA financing, there are certain repairs that MUST be completed for the loan to even be approved. On top of all these costs are holding costs — these are the ongoing costs associated with owning a property which don’t stop just because your house is listed. They include the mortgage, insurance, utilities, lawn care or snow removal, and unexpected repairs due to storm damage and the tendency of mechanical systems which aren’t being used regularly to start failing (vacant properties).

When a Kendall Partners buys your house directly from you, there’s no need for you to make any repairs to your house. You don’t even have to clean it out or clean it up! We’ve been buying houses with cash since 2007, and we’ve seen it all, from holes in roofs to seeping basements, to fire damage, to houses so packed with contents a person can barely walk through. We know that some agents just aren’t going to list some houses on the MLS without a LOT of work being done, and that’s okay! We buy houses in ANY condition. You have choices in how you sell your house, and you don’t have to make any repairs when you sell to Kendall partners.

It May Take Time to Sell Your House

The amount of time it takes to sell your house varies from city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood, which means it will be unpredictable. Typically it will take much longer for a traditional sale to be completed as opposed to selling your house directly to on investor. In fact, when looking at national real estate statistics, it will take over two months just to get an offer. During this time, you still have to pay holding costs such as taxes, your mortgage, insurance, utilities and maintenance. In some cities, there are even inspections to see if your house is ‘up to code’ before you can sell it. This can be difficult to manage for a long period of time, especially if you’ve already had to move for a job or family and now you have two houses to pay for. The problem is, you’ll have no idea how long it will take to get an offer or complete the sale or what repairs will have to made, making it difficult if not impossible to plan ahead. Don’t miss out on your future plans because you’re caught up in a listing agreement that doesn’t give you the stability you need.

When you sell to Kendall Partners, you work directly with us. We have a simple, easy to understand, one-page contract that attorneys love to deal with. Because we buy houses with cash, there’s no lender and no appraisal needed. You won’t have to wait for us to come up with a lender’s approval, because we have the cash to buy your home and we are ready to buy it in as little as 14 days from the date of contract. We buy houses as-is, fast, with cash, and we can help you sell your house quickly so you can plan your budget and move on quickly.

Not All Agents Are The Same

There are many professional agents who have been in the industry for decades. These are experts in their respective cities and neighborhoods, and they will know even down to the BLOCK which houses are most desirable and what you will need to do to get top dollar on your house. These agents are there to provide genuine service to their clients. There are other agents who will list your house but not offer much feedback or expertise on how to get it sold quickly. And there are also agents who are simply focused on the capturing their commission before their listing agreement expires — unfortunately they may encourage you to make very expensive upgrades to sell the house faster but also encourage you to take the first offer that comes your way even if it’s lower than you really planned on. If you decide to list your house with an agent, make sure it’s someone who comes highly referred, and someone you can trust!

Just like not all agents are the same, not all cash homebuyers are the same! Kendall Partners is different – we do not wholesale your house! When we make a written offer on your house, we intend to buy it. We buy houses with cash and we actually take title to the property. We don’t try to secure a buyer for your home, or reassign the contract to someone else. You know what the offer on your house is, and who is actually purchasing the property. We are professional, discreet, and we treat you with respect throughout the entire process. We buy houses as-is, quickly, with cash. As a seller, make sure you understand the intentions of your buyer as well as their ability to perform on the contract!

Worst Case, Your House May Not Sell

Just because you list your house on the MLS and ask for a certain price, doesn’t mean you will get that price. Sellers get frustrated when they find themselves spending money to prepare their house to list, and then have very few showings and no offers. You may decide to fix things up, make upgrades, and market your house to compete with other listings but that doesn’t guarantee you will get an offer. If you choose to list and spend money getting your house ready for the MLS, make sure you won’t be devastated if you don’t see the returns you’re looking for. When you work with an agent there is no promise of an offer, or of the offer you want. Remember that even if you DO get the offer you want, a buyer can re-negotiate it later to handle any repairs or other issues that may arise.

You Can Sell Your House Direct – We Buy Houses Illinois

Hiring an agent to sell your house is not the only choice you have. For certain houses and situations, investing money into preparing a house for the MLS is a huge waste of time and money. When you factor in agent commissions, holding costs, and closing expenses, you could be sending thousands of dollars down the drain. You deserve to know your options, so you can sell your house quickly and save time and money. Working with a cash homebuyer will allow you to sell your house in as little as 14 business days from the date of contract, or on a date of your choosing. When you work with Kendall Partners, we pay customary closing costs — you pay your attorney fee, any outstanding mortgage or liens, and your property taxes which are paid in arrears in Illinois. There are no commissions, no repairs you have to make, and you don’t even have to clean out all the personal items you don’t wish to take with you. You’ll know exactly what to expect and when you’ll have access to the funds from your sale.

If you need to sell your house, be sure you’re aware of all your available options and how they will impact you and your family. People aren’t always aware of all the costs, time, and frustrations that listing a house will entail. Many people brush off the idea of selling a house directly to an investor because of the lower prices associated with doing so. However, once you factor in all the time, money, and energy that goes into listing a house, you can see that the selling methods will benefit you in varying ways. We always encourage sellers to do their due diligence, run the numbers on their property, and choose the option that makes the most sense. If you want to discuss your unique situation and the options available to you, we’d love to speak with you! Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below, and we can have you a fair cash offer on your house usually within one business day.

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