We Buy Houses in ANY Condition – Before, After, or even During a Recession!

You’re in the middle of a BIG life event….. maybe you or your spouse needs to relocate for work, maybe you need to move closer to relatives, maybe you’ve inherited a house which is in an awful state of disrepair, or maybe you’re experiencing any number of life situations and you must sell as soon as possible. You take a good look around and notice ALL THE COSTLY REPAIRS needed to make your house move-in ready. You’re completely overwhelmed —- this is JUST.TOO.MUCH! All this work will take too much time, too much money, too much expertise to solve.

We Buy Houses in ANY Condition – if you need to sell for any reason please get in touch.


Should you renovate, repair, and remodel — or sell your house as-is?

Your answer may depend on several variables. What if you put a lot of time and money into your house, only to realize you will not recoup the cost of the repairs and renovations? What if you begin your remodeling project, and the city inspector tells you about new energy codes and new requirements that double your budget and your timeline? What if your contractor recommends extra repairs you don’t really need to sell your home, or doesn’t meet the agreed-upon budget or timeline — or both?! Are you able to live in your new home, while renovating the old one, and pay for both homes at one time? How can you even know what to expect when it comes to common repairs and renovations? Kendall Partners can help you avoid all those overwhelming decisions — we will buy your home AS-IS, no repairs or clean-up needed.

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What if my house is just plain outdated or has strange features from previous owners?

Maybe your house doesn’t really need any big repairs or mechanical updates, but the kitchen and bath look like something from the mid 60s — and NOT in the cool, trendy way! You’ve listed your house and all the feedback from potential buyers points to work you just can’t afford, either in dollars OR in the time needed to remodel. “Kitchen and bath need MAJOR facelift, buyer wants move-in ready” or “Buyer turned off by wallpaper in all the rooms, too much work and expense to remove” or “A bit TOO colorful for my client. Sorry, we’re going to keep looking.” Rather than just wish you luck in your search for a buyer, Kendall Partners is prepared to purchase your home in Cash, and in your time frame!

We Buy Houses in ANY Condition

Sell My House Fast – What if the house I’m selling needs a LOT of MAJOR work? I don’t even know if anyone can live there!

Most homebuyers who say they want a ‘fixer-upper’ are looking for homes they can just clean and paint, and then move right into. If your house needs MORE than paint and carpet, Kendall Partners is still interested in buying your home! We have purchased over 300 homes since 2007, and have encountered every scenario possible — from leaking roofs, wet basements, old kitchens and baths, to houses absolutely filled with personal property, overgrown landscaping and raccoons living in the attic! We have been solving all kinds of these types of problems for sellers for years, and  we are not afraid of buying ANY house in ANY condition.


Where Do I Start?

Buyers might wonder what else in a home has been neglected if they spot any problems or malfunctioning systems when they tour a home. Make a list of everything that’s defective, broken, or worn out and will need replacing or repairing before you can sell your house. Then give Kendall Partners a call to chat about your unique situation, and get a CASH OFFER on your home. Our EASY 3-STEP PROCESS will allow you to get a written offer quickly, we can purchase your home in YOUR time frame, and we even pay all customary closing costs!

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