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This is Jeff with Kendall Partners. It’s the 2nd of April, 2020. I’m here in Homer Glen, Illinois, where we just bought a house here and are doing a walkthrough. This was a home we purchased when the seller’s mother had passed away and the seller was left to pick up the pieces. We ended up buying the house from the estate and working with the attorneys – it was kind of a long process. It took several months to end up closing on the property. It was tied up in probate, so we had to go through the court system and work with all that. We purchased the house with cash and worked with the heirs of the estate, who were a son and a daughter. And here we are, a few months later working on the project, just finally almost completing it and about to put it back on the market.

If you have a house in Homer Glen, or Lockport, or anywhere in the suburbs of Chicagoland, we’d certainly love the opportunity to work with you, regardless of the situation – We Buy Houses Homer Glen, IL. Some homes are not in very good shape. Some homes are in move-in ready condition. Some homes are $100,000, some homes are $500,000. We buy any and all of them. Two bedrooms, three bedrooms, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, three car garage, on well and septic, on city water. Kind of everything in between, regardless of the situation. We are a cash home buyer. There’s no fooling around. We use a simple one page contract. It’s a very simple process. We are family-owned and operated and have been since 2007.

Sell My House Fast in Homer Glen, IL

This is a nice family home. A typical house that we purchase is from a family, and so it’s going to be for a family once we’re done with it. We buy houses Homer Glen, IL – and in nearby suburbs of Lockport, Aurora, Rolling Meadows , Skokie, Elburn, Elgin, Joliet, and many more towns. Many sellers’ situations are different, however our simple hassle free process is the same.

We’re going through an interesting economic challenge. Stay-at-home orders are in place, and many families are at home. We’re currently taking a lot of phone calls and questions from people wondering if we’re still buying – and yes, we are still buying home with cash! We’d certainly love the opportunity to work with you. Again, we know every situation is unique. It’s about a 10 or 15 minute phone call to chat with us and it’s always no obligation. A lot of times we’re having you the seller send us a video of their home or 10, 12, 20 pictures of the inside, outside, front and back, some of the mechanicals, windows, roof – those are some of the things that we would want to consider when we’re making you a cash offer for your home. Turn on the lights and make sure you don’t use the zoom. Doesn’t need to be the best quality pictures, just like this video isn’t the best high quality professional video, but you get my point!

And then from there, we can get you a cash offer range and see if we’re even close and able to work with each other. That gives us and you a good idea as to what we can pay to purchase your home with cash. And then, let’s talk about the timeframe and the situation. This house took about five or six months to end up buying the house from these sellers, but it was in probate and that situation requires extra patience. When there’s a death in the family, an estate and a will, or even not a will like in this case, and it goes through probate, it gets tied up in court. And then that’s months to close. But we’re along for that entire ride, our attorneys, our team stays engaged when we want to continue to communicate with the seller, and the attorneys, and everyone involved and get your home purchased with cash.

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We Buy Houses Homer Glen, IL

Again, this was a unique scenario (for the seller), but not really unique for what we do: A lot of probate, a lot of estate-type sales. We pay all the closing costs, so that was a win for the seller. No commission of course, because we’re not brokers, so no commission. We paid the closing costs. We paid for the survey, we paid for all of the city and state transfer stamps and ended up getting this one done for the seller. Here we are, we’re almost back on the market and hoping to sell this home to another family at a very reasonable price.

We try and put our homes back on the market at a fair price so a family can get in there, especially in this environment when mortgages are at 3% or so. You can get a very affordable family home that you can come in and put your personal touches on. If you wanted to paint a wall pink, or a room blue, or whatever you wanted to do, upgrade the light fixtures, pretty affordable things that you can do. You can go down to the store, at Home Depot, or at Menards, or wherever, and put your touch on the house, and move into this home for 5, or 10, or 20 years with your family. So this was just an update on what we do to every home. Again, every situation is different, but after we buy your house for cash, we go through and make them ready for the next homeowner. We buy houses in Homer Glen, IL.

If that’s you, call us, we’d love to chat with you. If you’re a seller, give us a ring. Give us 15 minutes of your time. Again, no obligation, no cost. We just have a conversation, chat for a few minutes and get some information about your home. We can work with you. We’d love to do that and get you an offer. And it’s cash. Like I said, a one page contract and love the opportunity to chat with you. Again, I’m Jeff with Kendall Partners. We’re here in Homer Glen today, walking through a house we just purchased. Give us a ring. Thank you!