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Moving Out Of State?   This Was an Easy Transaction for All.
Sell My House Fast

This is Jeff with Kendall Partners. I’m at a home here in Elgin, IL. We just closed on this property a few days ago and this is our first chance to walk through the house after the sellers have left. We were giving them a few days to relocate, they moved out to Colorado. Another couple that moved out of Illinois to be closer to family.

Sell My House Fast and Hassle-Free

Some things that were really important to the sellers were the timing of the sale, the price, that we paid cash, and an easy inspection. We walked through the house for a short inspection, and there was no additional secondary inspection. We made them a cash offer, and we did not wholesale or re-assign the contract. We wrote them a one page contract, which is very simple – they understood it, we understood it. They got in touch with their attorney, the attorney loved the contract and we moved forward. This was in January of 2020, and here we are today March 11, 2020, two days after closing. We set the closing date that worked for them. A simple one-page contract, cash offer, no messing around. It was easy for the seller.

Our process is simple and hassle-free. It starts with a short phone call. We’ll talk not just about the house and property, but also about your unique real estate situation. Maybe you’re asking how do I Sell My House Fast? Maybe you need to move out of state, like these sellers did. Maybe your house is in need of major repairs or a remodel, and you don’t want to take on the costs or management of a daunting project. Maybe you’ve inherited a house that you can’t afford to maintain. Maybe you have a rental and you found you don’t enjoy the property management involved in being a landlord. Whatever your real estate problem may be, we can help solve it.

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Sell My House Fast and As-Is

What you see here behind me in this video is typical. The seller didn’t want all their things, couldn’t load it all up, maybe didn’t have the time or energy to do it all. And we said, “Leave it, we’ll take it. Don’t do repairs, and leave anything you want.” They left a sizable amount of things for us to take care of, which was agreed upon and all part of the deal. We were happy to make the seller’s transition easy and hassle-free, by taking away the personal belongings they weren’t able to take with them.

Sometimes sellers have bigger problems they need help with, and we’re able to handle any issue you may have. Whether the house you need to sell is full of contents, has a leaky roof or basement, or has code violations the city is requiring to be corrected, we can still buy your house fast.

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Sell My House Fast

Sell My House Fast for Cash

If you’re in need of a cash offer on your home and you’re  looking to Sell Your House Fast, this is a straight-forward way to sell your house. This seller found us on Google, along with three or four companies. I think they interviewed all of them, got offers from all of them, and ended up working with Kendall Partners. They enjoyed working with Aaron, myself and our team. We’re straight forward and up front, and we’d love the opportunity to work with you to get you a cash offer and solve your real estate problem. If you’ve got a house like this and you have things you need to leave behind, and you want a hassle-free transaction, we’d love to work with you.

We’re different than other Cash Homebuyers — we do NOT wholesale. Our contract is NOT contingent on a third party, whether that’s a lender or finding someone else to step in and buy the house. We buy your house with cash and we actually take title to the property — there’s no need to stress about the deal falling through because we were unable to close. We have the ability to perform on the contract, buy your house with cash, and we pay your closing costs! If you’re wondering, how can I sell my house fast, contact Jeff at (630) 389-8230 today to get your cash offer!

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