Sell My House Fast – The Housing Market and Millennials, Post Coronavirus

The younger Millennial generation is known for preferring to rent, living closer to urban areas with more job choices, and the flexibility of being able to move quickly to take on the next experience in life, whether that’s a new job or some other adventure. One of the main reasons this generation has put off buying a house is that the average home price is still much higher than what they can afford — housing costs have increased and student loan debt has made it difficult to buy. However could there be changes in the post-coronavirus housing market will impact Millennials’ home buying decisions, and increase the demand for housing?

Shifting to Work From Home

With corporate culture adopting new work from home policies and technology to accommodate the realities of COVID-19, as well as permanently selling off commercial real estate to cut costs and keep liability down, a remote work lifestyle may become commonplace in the United States. This shift opens up new possibilities for Millenials like never before. Telecommuting has helped companies avoid layoffs, while saving money, and technology has enabled teams to continue to work together even from across the country. Finding a well-paying job no longer means living near the office, and Millennials can begin to expand their housing options

Our post-coronavirus environment, with all its social distancing and staying home, is not natural to the generation which grew up with technology and who thrives on mobility and social interactions, however Millennials are very creative and able to adapt! The flexibility of renting in urban areas is now being replaced with the ability to adapt by working from home. Online meetings and the need to work from home create the desire and demand for more living space and square footage. Embracing these new norms in work life may allow Millennials to rethink making a long term investment like purchasing a property, further away from the more costly urban areas they were renting in for so long.

Now may be the time for Millennials to start thinking about a house, a yard, a neighborhood they can be a part of — and a growing family. Single-family homes with comfortable office spaces, rather than densely populated city condos or apartments, will be a part of this vision. As for those who wish to continue to rent, the ability to work from home allows them to rent a larger apartment for less, or to rent single-family homes instead of a tiny hipster apartment in a trendy urban neighborhood. Choices are opening up, and this means demand in the housing market, for affordable first homes.

How Will Millennials and Remote Work Affect Sellers?

More demand for housing in the suburbs will certainly be positive for those older generations who are ready to downsize or retire and move out of state, right? Maybe! It all depends on your house, its location and neighborhood, and whether your house is desirable. Millennials are known to look for just the perfect house, rather than settle for something they will move into and fix up while they live there. Remember, Millennials grew up with HGTV, expect personalization, and they have a magazine-layout vision for what they want in a house — which includes energy efficiency and technological upgrades! They may focus on affordability due to the burden of student loans, but they want even more for their dollar without waiting for it. Record-low interest rates are making it easier to get a mortgage, but they’re skipping right over the ‘starter home’ previous generations were willing to begin with.

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How Do I Sell My House Fast

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