Providing Certainty to Chicagoland Home Sellers During Uncertain Times

Providing Certainty to Chicagoland Home Sellers During Uncertain Times - Kendall Partners Ltd
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Hey, just doing another quick video today on what’s going on in the current world. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is running rampant and it’s certainly put us all at home if not out of work. In the last week or so, we have seen a huge surge of leads, motivated sellers, people that have needed to sell an unwanted home or a rental property or their personal residence. They’re relocating, either whether it be by a job transfer or they’re moving out of state or whatever. People have been saying, “Hey, are you still buying?” And the answer is yes, we’re still buying. We’ve also noticed that a lot of the corporate buyers, these larger companies, the Zillows, Redfins, there’s a lot of iBuyers as they’re called out there that have been buying homes throughout the country at a massive scale.

They have all recently come out and said, “We are pausing all of our home buying throughout the country.” They have said that with no uncertain terms that they’re pausing everything and they’re, I think more concerned about their bottom line than they are about serving their customers. We also read a few about a few properties specifically that they were under contract with and have backed out just a few days prior to closing. That’s left a lot of people with even more uncertainty. But I just wanted to make a point to say we have doubled down, actually tripled our efforts to continue to purchase homes in the Chicagoland area just as we have been doing since 2007 so I just want to echo the fact that we don’t want the home buying process to be, or the home selling in your case to be an uncertain process.

Some things that we have decided to do on our end as we work with lots of sellers all throughout Chicagoland, whether it’s in Morton Grove or Homer Glen or the city of Chicago or north side of Chicago, we’re getting leads in Lombard and people that are calling us from Naperville. We can certainly respect the social distancing aspect. A lot of times we’re coming out on site and doing a walkthrough virtually really. If you’re willing to send us five or eight or 10 or a couple of people have sent us 20 pictures of their house, kitchen, bathrooms, main living areas, the electrical panel, things like the front and the back of the house. If you’ve got a pool or landscaping or a fireplace, your mechanicals, the windows, the more detailed the better. And then we can hone in our cash offer to better get you a price that we hope is fair for both of us.

If we do come out, we can certainly work with you and you can go into your garage or a place where you feel safe. We don’t need to touch your home. We can take all the proper precautions and we know what those are. We can maintain professionalism via text and call. I certainly don’t love that. I’m sure you don’t either, but that’s kind of the way it’s gone, so we can keep all this social distancing guidelines to keep your family safe. Our onsite walkthrough is really going through every room, taking some photos, getting a really good idea of what we’re working with, and oftentimes that serves as our inspection. We’re not often going back through the house to do a full inspection with a private company. We’ve purchased hundreds and hundreds of homes throughout Chicagoland, so we, for the most part, know what we’re looking at when we’re there.

That process takes about 15 minutes, so if an iBuyer or a corporate buyer has left you and you’re still looking for a buyer, we’d certainly love to chat with you and just looking for an opportunity, it’s obviously no obligation, to you to give us a shot. We have been buying homes since 2007. Hundreds of homes throughout Chicagoland and would love the opportunity to serve you and your family. Give us a shot, give us a call, check out our Google reviews, Facebook reviews. Call a title company, call an attorney. They’ve certainly heard of us if they’re in real estate. Again, Jeff with Kendall Partners. Love the chance to chat with you. Give us a call here at the office or go to our website, and fill out the form. Takes a few minutes, about a 10-minute call and we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Again, thank you for the opportunity and stay safe.