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Need to sell your Joliet house, but not sure whether you can get it sold quickly? Ever been told by an agent that your house will be very difficult to sell to a traditional buyer who wants a move-in-ready house? Maybe you’ve inherited a house and found that its condition is going to require you to put a lot of time and money into it before you can get it listed in decent shape. Here are some issues real estate agents say can become large hurdles in the sale of a property, and why homeowners find the best solution is Kendall Partners. We pay cash for homes in Joliet and surrounding areascheck out our 5-star Google reviews here!

What Makes a Listed House Hard to Sell?

Location can be one of the biggest obstacles to selling a house quickly and getting the desired price. Homeowners quickly discover that living near railroad tracks, airports, busy roads and commercial areas make a house more difficult to sell. If a house is located in a crowded neighborhood with shared driveways and very small backyards, this can also be a deterrent for families who may have multiple cars, children, and pets. A house located on the corner of a busy intersection usually also means less usable yard, more cars and foot traffic, and more sidewalks to keep clean in winter months.

Maintenance and much need upgrades and repairs can keep a house from selling. Neglecting necessary repairs to major systems, such as the roof and mechanicals, can create a domino effect of major repairs – even mold and structural problems. No one wants to buy a house at retail price knowing they will soon need to put in brand new windows, a roof, and furnace within the next 12 months! Believe it or not, bad odors can also become a reason a house doesn’t sell quickly. Whether it’s pet odors (especially cats), cooking residue that leaves the house smells like a restaurant, odors and stains from smoking, or musty smells from water issues, if a house has smells which are deeply embedded in carpet and drywall then it’s a lot less likely to be attractive to most retail buyers.

Unusual room layouts and architecture which cannot be easily changed are also a big obstacle for selling a house quickly. Low ceilings, a tiny kitchen, no master bath, very small bedrooms, rooms situated on an angle, very little natural light, and have to walk through one bedroom to access another are common issues that make it difficult to sell a house. These may be problems that can be changed with a major remodel, but unless a homeowner has the resources to complete the work before selling these issues can kill the possibility of getting the desire sales price. Outdated decor will deter buyers as well, especially if it means ripping out carpet, paneling, and wallpaper in an entire house.

Sometimes heirs wish to sell a house but find out after they inherit it that their loved one didn’t take very good care of the house. If there are many heirs to the same property it can become very difficult to go through listing it and making many decisions together, especially if they live out of state. Other times, there was a tragedy in the house involving a loved one and heirs wish to move on as quickly as possible. Whether it was very public or not, it might still make it hard to sell because neighbors may talk to agents or potential buyers who are there for showings. Heirs often find they have more challenges than most when selling an inherited house.

In general, any unrealistic expectations of selling a house with the above issues at the highest price possible can make it difficult to sell. Listing a house at a sales price which doesn’t reflect the above challenges for a buyer and then refusing to come down on price will result in a house that sits for a long time on the market. And when a house sits on the market for a long time, buyers lose confidence and ask themselves, “what’s wrong with this house?” Once agents and savvy buyers have seen a hard-to-sell house listed for an unrealistic sales price, they often have the upper hand in negotiations — both on price and on inspection requests or price reductions.

Kendall Partners pays Cash For Homes

Homeowners facing the above challenges may just find using a company that offers cash for homes is a better way to sell a house. Selling a house using a traditional listing process can be a very stressful undertaking, and can take up weeks of months of a seller’s time and energy in the best of circumstances, but if a homeowners is trying to sell a burdensome property it can be even more trouble. Working with a company like Kendall Partners can take the hassle out of selling. Sellers who work with Kendall Partners skip all the headaches of preparing a house for listing — no cleaning out a property, no repairs or upgrades to make, no staging, photos, or videos to hire someone to create. Even better, our sellers don’t have to accommodate parades of showings and open houses, keeping the house clean between them all, or all the questions about the house. Homeowners who sell to Kendall Partners don’t have to worry about their sale falling through due to inspection issues or financing falling through, because we buy houses using cash. No waiting for inspections, appraisals, or underwriting. And we buy houses in any condition — even if the property is distressed, full of decades of personal contents from hoarding, in need of upgrades and updating, or even if there was a tragedy, we can buy a house with cash to take the hassle of out selling.

Kendall Partners offers cash for homes so you can sell your house fast in Joliet. If you need to sell a burdensome house quickly, we’d be happy to speak with you and see if Kendall Partners is the best fit for your situation. We’ve paid cash for homes since 2007, and we know how to help sellers with our hassle free home buying process. See more about how our hassle-free cash for homes process works here. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 and speak with one of our friendly team members about your unique home selling circumstances, or submit your information below. Don’t forget to check out our 5 star Google reviews to see why sellers love working with us. Trusted. Local. Professional. Family owned.

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