Amazing Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House for Cash in Chicago

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A survey by the National Association of Realtors reported that 59% of homeowners below the age of 29 do not expect to stay more than 10 years at their current home. Part of the relocation includes having to sell the home. Traditional listing can have your house in the market for an average of 65 to 94 days before closing. Selling a home for cash to home buyers provides a better alternative.

Cash for homes provides an allure of instant cash payments within a shorter timeframe. Besides, you do not have to part with a percentage of the amount to cater for agency fees. Here are four reasons why you should sell your house for cash in Chicago.

1. It Saves You From Having to List with a Realtor

Most homeowners’ first instinct is to call in a real estate agent whenever they wish to sell their home. The realtor may request that you carry out certain repairs to make your house attractive to buyers.

You may also have to part with a 3% to 6% commission, even when you bring in the home buyer. Selling your house without an agent allows you to enjoy the full amount without any unnecessary deductions.

2. It Saves You From Undertaking Expensive Upgrades and Repairs

Home experts recommend having the roof inspected every three to five years. However, it may not matter much when working with home investors.

One of the best aspects of selling to cash home buyers is that they rarely care about the condition of the property. You get to sell the house in ‘as is’ condition. You do not have to carry out expensive repairs, upgrades, staging, or photography.

3. You Can Verify the Authenticity of Companies That Buy Homes for Cash

You may come across many posters advertising ‘we buy homes’ and cash home buyers in Chicago. You may need to filter out the potential home buyers and find the right fit for you. Take time to check out their physical offices and website.

Find out what other clients say about their services. Inquire whether they have an active business license. Let them provide a proof of funds letter from their lender to guarantee that they have the money to finance the transaction.

4. You Get Fair Valuation for Your Home While Making Substantial Savings

Most people tend to be emotionally attached to their homes which may lead them to overestimate the value of their homes. Remember you need to accurately value your home as overpricing may turn away potential cash home buyers. While they may not offer the retail price, you get to save more.

You do not have to carry out repairs or stage your home. You also do not have to share the amount with a listing agent. You get a fair, instant cash offer immediately after a walk through your home.

Selling your house to an investor provides an opportunity for a faster closing with quicker access to the cash. Kendall Partners Ltd. provides a simple and hassle-free house selling process in Chicago with a fair cash offer and a closing date of your choice. Reach out to us today to receive an immediate offer for your home.