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If you need to sell your house quickly, we know you may be facing a very difficult and stressful situations. Any number of life circumstances can have you wondering how you can sell your Winfield house quickly. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, past due property taxes, liens or city code violations, or you just need to relocate out of state for a job transfer or in order to assist family members who are going through a hard time — you deserve to know your selling options. We buy houses Winfield IL and in surrounding areas. We’ve been buying houses all over Chicagoland since 2007, and we know how to take on almost any real estate situation. The house you need to sell may be in need of renovation or major repairs — or may be even full of personal contents and you just have no idea how to even begin emptying it out. It may be a house you’ve inherited, or one you’ve rented out to tenants or family, and you’re just done with being a landlord. Whatever the situation may be, Kendall Partners can help you with a cash offer on your house. It all starts with a short conversation about your property and your goals. If you’ve ever wondered if you can sell your house quickly, for cash, in as-is condition, please give us a call at (630) 348-9833 today, or submit your information below.

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We Buy Houses Winfield IL – Fast with Cash

We’re different than a lot of other cash home buyers. We are NOT wholesalers! We don’t sign a contract with you only to look for a third party to step in and take over the contract. When we make you a written offer, we actually intend to BUY your house with cash, and take title to the property. We have the ability to follow through on the contract and close on time – even in as little as 14 days from the date of the contract! Because we BUY your house with cash, you don’t have to worry about appraisals, inspections, or a lender not coming through. In other words, the sale of your house will be finalized on the date of your choosing, because you’re working directly with us to make the sale happen.

When you sell your house directly to us, you also won’t have to worry about all the other uncontrollable issues with selling a house in the traditional way. No need to fix up your house up to make it show ready, no parade of people coming through your house at all hours, no waiting and hoping for a potential buyer to fall in love with your house, no waiting for just the right offer, no waiting for that buyer to sell his or her OWN house, no hoping their mortgage is approved …. when you sell your house to Kendall Partners, we work with you to control the sale of your property. You’ll know exactly what your selling price is and you’ll know that you won’t have to make any repairs. You’ll know when the closing will be and when you’ll have access to the proceeds from your sale. Working directly with Kendall Partners takes out the hassle and the stress of selling a house. We buy houses Winfield IL — for cash, fast, directly from you, and as-is!

We Buy Houses Winfield IL – No Repairs Needed

If you list your house for sale using an agent, most likely you’ll be advised that you’ll need to make repairs and prepare your house to be ‘showing ready.’ To compete with other sellers in your area, you may need to spruce up your exterior for curb appeal, professionally stage your house so photos are appealing, and remove all your personal contents. This takes time and money, and makes it unrealistic to maintain if you live there. Those might be minor conveniences for houses which have had maintenance and repairs completed for the past decades — but what if the house you need to sell need MAJOR work?

What if you’ve inherited a house and all the existing issues that happen to have come along with it? A leaky roof. A seeping basement. Overgrown trees and shrubs so large it’s hard to see the house itself. What if the house or the yard is so full of personal contents and debris you can barely move through it? What if there are violations and complaints on the property due to its condition, and you just can’t take on the major work needed to clean it all up and get it ready to sell? Whether the house you need to sell is just a little outdated, needs major upgrades and remodeling, or it’s in a complete state of disrepair, we buy houses winfield IL – we can solve your selling dilemma and help you move on from the burdensome property you want to sell fast.

We Make Selling Your House Hassle-Free

We work directly with you to solve your real estate problems. Whether you are facing divorce, foreclosure, years of past due property taxes or liens, bankruptcy or code violations, or whether you inherited a house you don’t want, can’t manage, don’t want to be a landlord any longer, need to make major home repairs and can’t take them on, or you need to relocate out of state as soon as possible — selling your house fast, for cash, may be the right option for you. We’ve helped many homeowners going through a tough time sell a burdensome house quickly and get access to the cash they needed just at the right time. Selling your house when things are going smoothly and you have lots of time is stressful enough, but selling during tough times can put family through even more. If you’re thinking of selling your house fast, give us a call at (630) 348-9833 today or submit your information below and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your specific situation and see if our one-page contract and easy, hassle-free selling option will work for you. It all starts with a short phone call, and we can make you a fair cash offer in as little as one business day.

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