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We understand that it can be very stressful to sell a house, but it’s especially stressful when you need to sell a house quickly. If you’re like most sellers who are feeling a time crunch, you’re wondering how you can avoid having to make expensive and time consuming repairs and upgrades, cleaning out the property, and getting the exterior updated – all just to get the house listed. After that, you may have to wait a while before you have the right offer and then you might have to make even more repairs after the buyer’s inspection. It can take weeks or even months to get a house sold, and then you still have to pay commissions and closing costs – not to mention the daily holding costs while you wait to sell the house! You might be wondering if there’s a hassle-free way to sell your house quickly and as-is — we buy houses Villa Park IL — no agents, no listings, no lenders, no waiting.

There are many different reasons for selling a house as quickly as possible, including foreclosure, difficulty making mortgage payments, divorce, unwanted tenants, or relocation due to a new job or aging family members. No matter what your circumstances are, Kendall Partners can help. We buy houses Villa Park IL quickly, as-is, for cash. We buy houses in any condition, no need for you to make repairs or upgrades. The stress of a living, family, or financial situation can add to the pressure you’re experiencing in selling, but we can help. Kendall Partners can help you gain more control in the sale of your house, and give you the relief you need. A short call is all it takes to discuss your situation and get a fair cash offer on your house within a business day. Give us a call at (630) 389-8232 today or submit your information below to get started.

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We Buy House Villa Park IL Regardless of Condition

We know that owning and maintaining a house while you are trying to sell it is a lot of work. It’s especially difficult if you have inherited a house and you live out of state, or you find that the house needs extensive repairs and upgrades in order to make it appealing for a buyer. Cleaning out a house full of decades of personal items, updating kitchens, clearing the property of any violations, improving landscaping, and keeping up with utilities, taxes, and property management costs don’t have to be things you add to your already busy life. Selling a house the traditional way requires cleaning, fixing it up, making it look pretty and finding the right real estate agent to work with you. Even after all that, it can sit on the market for a long time — while you still have to pay the taxes, utilities, and maintenance. Maybe you’re like a lot of other people who must sell a house quickly and have decided it’s time to Sell My House For Cash, As-Is, and quickly. There are options for selling a house which has become a financial burden, and you can do it without having to fix it up first. You deserve to know you have other options and that you don’t have to sell it the traditional way, costing you time and money. We buy houses Villa Park IL, and we buy them in ANY condition. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 to see if selling your house directly, for cash, is the right option for you.

We Buy Houses Villa Park IL Quickly, with Cash

At first, all cash homebuyers might look the same. Kendall Partners is different than a lot of other cash homebuyers — we don’t wholesale your house! We purchase your house directly from you, with cash, in as little as 14 days from the date of contract. When we make a written offer, we fully intend to pay you cash for your home, and close on a date of your choice, and we actually take title to your property when we buy it. Our simple, one-page contract is NOT contingent on finding a third party to step in and purchase your house!  There’s no need to stress about the deal falling through, because there is no third party. We have the intention and capacity to follow through on the contract. And unlike selling your house on the MLS to a buyer who most likely needs a mortgage, there are no appraisals, no bank approvals, no FHA repair requirements, and there’s no need to wait for your buyer’s lender to underwrite and give the go ahead on closing. We buy houses Villa Park IL with cash, and we have to ability to close as soon as 14 business days after the date of contract, or on a date of your choosing. Submit your information below or give us a call at (630) 389-8232 to see how we can help you sell your house fast, for cash!

We Buy Houses Villa Park IL – We Are Real Estate Problem Solvers

When it’s time to sell a burdensome house, hiring a real estate agent may not be the best fit. While there are many professional agents, the traditional home-selling process takes time and money, and may not help you sell your house quickly. Fixing up your house for curb appeal, correcting maintenance issues that weren’t addressed for years, bring a house up to code or paying back taxes just may not be possible for some sellers. That’s where Kendall Partners can help. We save you both time and money, and help you take back some of the control in selling your house. Skip the costly repairs and maintenance, the upgrades or remodeling, and the headache listing your house can bring. Skip the parade of showings, inspectors, and appraisers. We buy houses Villa Park IL, as-is, quickly, with cash. It all starts with a short phone call to see if Kendall Partners is the right fit for your unique real estate situation. Give us a call today at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below.

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