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With so much uncertainty in the real estate market, is there really a way you can sell your house quickly? From making repairs, to cleaning and preparing your house for photographs and showings, there’s a lot that goes into even just listing your house! And after all that, it can take weeks or even months to get the right offer, come to an agreement on the terms and any additional repairs, wait for lender approval and then actually close the deal. If you’ve ever asked yourself how can I sell my house fast, Kendall Partners may be the right buyer for your situation. We buy houses St Charles IL, fast, as-is, with cash. We’ve been purchasing houses with cash since 2007, and we provide a simple, straightforward process for selling your house quickly. You deserve to know your options and whether selling your house directly is the right fit for you. If you need to sell a burdensome house, we can provide you with the relief you need. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833, or submit your information below.

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We Buy Houses St Charles IL – We Pay Cash For Any House

Kendall Partners offers you a hassle-free selling option, taking the guesswork out of selling your house. We make you a fair cash offer, and we use a simple one-page contract which clearly spells it out. No long contracts full of small print. No wondering who is paying for what costs — Kendall Partners pays customary closing costs! No questions about exactly WHO is buying your house. Kendall Partners pays cash and purchases your house! You won’t have to worry about your deal falling through because we don’t rely on lenders, and we don’t look for a third party to take over the contract. When we make an offer on your house, we have both the intention and capacity to buy your house with cash!

Selling your house to Kendall Partners will save you both time and money. When you sell your house using a real estate agent, you pay thousands in commissions, not to mention you most likely will also put money into your house in repairs, cleaning, photos and videos, and maybe even updates or upgrades — all just to list it and try to get the highest price offer you can! You don’t really know until the deal has closed whether you have recouped all the money you put into the house in order to market it. While you’re trying to sell, you still have to pay property taxes, insurance, the mortgage, and other daily costs such as utilities and lawn care. Selling a house using a real estate agent isn’t always the best choice for your unique situation, and Kendall Partners can help. We buy houses St Charles IL, fast, as-is, with cash! Give us a call today to sell if selling your house directly is the right choice for you! Call us at (630) 348-9833, or submit your information below.

We Buy Houses St Charles IL – No Repairs Needed!

We speak with concerned property owners every day about the condition of the house they would like to sell. They may have inherited a house that is in disrepair, they may own a house they could not afford to maintain, or they may own a house in good condition overall which is in need of major upgrades in order to be able to sell it. We have been buying homes since 2007 and we’ve seen it all — from houses that only need paint and carpet, to more major issues like structural repairs, a leaky roof, seeping basements, and everything in between. We aren’t afraid to make an offer and purchase a home as-is, because we know how to handle almost any repair, maintenance, or remodel situation. Our sellers don’t have to lift a finger to get a house ready for us to buy — we’ll even clean out unwanted personal contents! Just take with you what you want, and leave the rest. We buy houses in ANY condition, and we’d love to speak with you today about your particular real estate needs. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833, and we’ll have a no-obligation fair cash offer to you within one business day.

When a person inherits a house, they sometimes consider keeping it as an investment and renting it out. This is a good option for those who are prepared to handle the process of finding a good tenant and either hiring a handyman for tenant repair requests or taking on the extra maintenance work. Property ownership costs money, and unless you already own several rental properties and can add this one to your portfolio, you may be surprised to discover there is little return on the investment. The reality for some landlords is that after paying property taxes, insurance, keeping the property safely maintained for tenants, paying certain utilities, and managing the application process and paperwork for tenants, they’re only breaking even. Unless a person can afford the costs of property management, is it worth all the work of being a landlord just to break even every month? We suggest new potential landlords should do their research on what it takes to be a landlord in Illinois. If you own a rental property that simply isn’t profitable, or is burdensome and you want to sell it, we can help. Give us a call today to see if we’re the right fit for you!

We Buy Houses St Charles IL – FAST

We know that owning and maintaining a house is a lot of work in the best of times. Sometimes, a house becomes a burden and circumstances require a property owner to sell as quickly as possible. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, difficulty making mortgage payments, major upgrades and repairs you just can’t afford, quick relocation due to a new job or job transfer, an unexpected family health emergency that requires you to move to be near ill family members, or you simply are just ready to move out of state and you want to sell your house quickly without all the hassle, Kendall Partners may be able to help you! We don’t rely on banks or mortgage lenders. We have the cash to buy your house quickly, in as little as 10-14 days of signing a contract, or on a date of your choosing. No more time wasted getting repairs or upgrades made to compete with other listings. No more waiting around for showings, while you stress about keeping your house clean and strangers traipsing through in evenings and on weekends. No more wondering if your buyers’ lender is really going to approve the loan so you can close. No more haggling with buyers over repairs they want made. All the hassle of a traditional real estate sale can take weeks or even months of your time just to get a house sold!

We’ve helped many property owners and their families have peace of mind by offering them a way to take more control over the home selling process. You deserve to know your home selling options. Kendall Partners is a team of home buying professionals and we can help you solve your real estate situation. With our one-page contract, you’ll know exactly what your house is selling for with no hidden costs or fees. We help you take the uncertainty out of selling your house. We buy houses St Charles IL fast with cash – you don’t even have to make any repairs! Call Kendall Partners today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below for a no-obligation cash offer on your house.

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