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If you own an unwanted, burdensome house you might be wondering how you can get it sold quickly and without having to make costly repairs. Maybe you hate the idea of having to spend the next few weeks or even months figuring out who will take all the contents and who is going to fix it up so you can complete with other listings. Or maybe you’re experiencing a job loss, job transfer, death in the family or you’re simply ready to sell quickly and you don’t want to put all the time and money into upgrades or remodeling. If you’re like most homeowners we speak with, you’re wondering how you can sell your house without all the hassle of a traditional home sale. When you work with Kendall Partners, you skip the agent, the repairs, the cleaning, the staging and photos, the showings, and all the uncertainty that comes with a traditional retail transaction that relies on mortgage underwriting and approval. If you’re wondering whether selling your house directly to a cash homebuyer is the right choice for your situation, give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below. We buy houses Schaumburg IL – fast, as-is, using cash.

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We Buy Houses Schaumburg IL – We Buy Problem Houses

Homeowners are most concerned with the condition of the house they wish to sell. They are often overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning out a property, getting rid of unwanted personal contents, having it cleaned and prepared for staging and photos, and about finding out what major repair items are lurking under it all. At Kendall Partners, we’ve been buying houses since 2007 and we’ve seen houses in just about any condition. A house may need roof repairs, basement waterproofing, structural repairs or it may really just need paint and carpet. Whether the house you must sell is out of date and needs remodeling, or is inherited and in a state of disrepair, we can help. We buy houses in any condition.

No matter your unique situation or your reasons for selling, Kendall Partners can help. We are discreet, professional and we’ll always treat you with compassion and respect. We’ve even helped people who have needed to sell a hoarder house, and the thought of cleaning it out was too overwhelming. You won’t even need to tidy up for us to come take a look — and when you sell to us, you can take what you want and leave the rest behind. We can handle cleaning out all the unwanted contents in a house. We know how challenging selling a house can be, but we buy houses Schaumburg IL in any condition. Give us a call today at (630) 389-348-9833 to see if we can help, and receive a no-obligation cash offer on your house.

We Buy Houses Schaumburg IL – We Buy Houses Cash

Kendall Partners is your trusted, local, professional cash homebuyer and we’ve been buying homes with cash all over Chicagoland since 2007. We are not a wholesaler, so we don’t make you an offer with the hopes of finding a third party to ‘step in’ and take over the contract. We actually buy your house from you, using cash, and we close and take title on the house. This means we have both the intention and the ability to purchase your house directly from you — there’s no waiting on a mortgage or loan approval, no waiting for an appraisal, and no waiting for any buyer inspections or repairs that can come with certain loan products. We have the cash ready to buy your house fast, and we can close in as little as 14 business days from the date of contract. Since there are no third parties involved, we can close on your houses in a shorter amount of time.

Selling your house can be a stressful endeavor, and if your circumstances are putting additional pressure on the need to sell fast, it’s even more challenging. Our friendly team at Kendall Partners will help you with our simple, hassle-free process to help you find a solution to your real estate dilemma. Whether you need to move quickly due to a job transfer, to access the equity in your house, to move to be near to out-of-state family members, or you’ve inherited a house that needs way too much work, we can help you find the relief you need. We buy houses Schaumburg IL – we buy houses using cash, and we close quickly. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below to get a fair cash offer on your house.

We Buy Houses Schaumburg IL – We Save You Money

Repairs, updates and upgrades, inspections, cleaning, photos and videos can add up to thousands of dollars! Many homeowners don’t realize just how much they will need to invest in a house just to get it listed. And using an agent can mean thousands in commissions. Then come the costs associated with closing a real estate transaction ….. closing fees, title fees, a survey, credits and more repairs, just to get it closed. Lastly, there are holding costs associated with owning a house which will add up until the day the property belongs to someone else — costs such as the mortgage, interest, insurance, property taxes, maintenance and utilities. Hopefully the sales price you receive will cover all these costs, but unfortunately there’s no guarantee you will get the offer you had hoped for when you originally decided to sell.

When you sell a house directly to Kendall Partners, you save money on the sale of your house. Not only will you skip the repairs and other marketing costs such as photos, videos, and agency fees or commissions, but you save on the transaction’s closing costs. You see, Kendall Partners will pay your standard closing costs for you! This includes transfer taxes – sometimes called transfer stamp fees which are paid to the city and county within which the property resides, CPL fees, and the cost of the survey. You simply pay your attorney’s fees and property taxes, which are paid in arrears in the state of Illinois. We buy houses Schaumburg IL and we buy directly from you, saving you money on the the sale of your house. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 to discuss your unique situation, or submit your information below to see if selling your house for cash is the right fit for you.

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