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Maybe you’ve inherited an unwanted house, are ready to downsize and move out of state, or you just don’t want to make all the costly repairs and upgrades needed to list your house with an agent. If you’ve ever wondered what the alternative is to selling a house in the traditional way, you should consider selling it directly to a trusted local cash homebuyer like Kendall Partners. We specialize in buying houses — in any condition — quickly, and we buy them with cash. No preparing a house to get it listed, no parade of showings coming through, no maintenance or cleaning, no waiting for an offer or for a buyer’s lender to approve the loan. We provide a simple, no-hassle process that takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of selling a house. We buy houses Kane county, and we can bring you relief from the pressure of selling an unwanted property. Give us a call at (630) 348-9833 today, or fill out the form below – we’ll have you a fair, no-obligation cash offer on your house within 24 hours.

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We Buy Houses Kane County – We Buy Problem Houses

You’ve probably seen signs saying “Cash for Houses” and wondered whether those companies are for real. Many homeowners are concerned about the condition of the house they need to sell, especially if they’ve inherited a house that’s in disrepair and full of decades of personal contents. This is a normal concern for sellers, and when a house has water intrusion from the roof or basement, needs structural repairs, or just needs a major kitchen and bath remodel, most are simply not ready to handle that kind of work let alone pay the tens of thousands it will cost. This is where a cash homebuyer like Kendall Partners who buys houses in any condition comes in. Our simple, no-hassle home buying solution offers relief to sellers who cannot afford to get a house like that ready for a retail buyer.

But there are also other situations that can make a problem house difficult to sell. This can include being located in a less-than-desirable area, where it’s more difficult to sell. It can include outstanding violations, or unpaid property taxes. It may mean that the owners live out-of-state, and getting to the house in order to get it sold is impossible. The house may be a hoarder house, so full of contents a person can barely walk through. Or there may have been a tragedy which occurred in the house, and the family would like to discreetly sell it in order to move on from a painful time. These types of situations are often overwhelming for homeowners who need to sell and want to do so quickly and quietly. At Kendall Partners, we’ve been buying homes with cash since 2007. We’ve helped many sellers and their families when they needed to sell quickly without the difficulty that comes with a traditional real estate sale. We buy houses Kane County – whether you’re in Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, or any of the surrounding cities, we can work directly with you to buy your house, no matter why you need to sell.

We Buy Houses Kane County – Forget Marketing and Closing Costs

If you sell a house using an agent, the marketing costs are passed down to you. These can add up to thousands of dollars, before you even have an offer on your house! They included items such as repairs, agency fees, cleaning, staging, photos and videos. When you market your house to list it, you’re competing with other local sellers, so the more you put into your marketing the more exposure you’ll have. Listing your house means you’ll need to leave for showings, and keep it clean between showings, while keeping the exterior well maintained as well. After you have an offer on the house and you’re negotiating the deal, there may also be inspections costs, repairs, or even a price reduction if the buyer is asking for repairs or upgrades. A buyer’s loan product can also require certain repairs be made, and if your property is an older one those types of repairs can add up. Lastly, you’ll also pay for closing costs such as title transfer fees, transfer taxes, a survey and your real estate agent’s commission. These costs can add up into the thousands, and will cut into the profit you hoped to make from the sale of the house.

When you work with Kendall Partners, you can save thousands by eliminating these types of expenses from you real estate transaction. Since you’re working directly with us, you’ll skip all of the marketing expenses. You won’t even need to tidy up your house – we can even handle cleaning out decades worth of personal contents if you need us to. We also pay standard closing costs for you – no title fees, transfer taxes, CPL fees or survey! And because you’re not using an agent, you’ll save thousands on commissions as well! When you sell directly to Kendall Partners, you won’t have to put a lot of time, money, or energy into selling a burdensome house. We buy houses Kane County, and we take the pressure and uncertainty out of selling a house so you can sell quickly and move on.  Check out our 5 Star Google Reviews here, and see for yourself what our satisfied sellers are saying!

We Buy Houses Kane County – Sell Your House For Cash FAST!

The monthly costs of home ownership can really add up, especially if you own an unwanted house or a house that’s in disrepair. Add the need to sell quickly because of a job loss or transfer, or the need to be near family for a health reason, or any number of other sudden events life can bring your way, and the burden of owning a house can really cause hardship for you and your family. When you need to sell your house fast and you don’t have the time or money to invest in repairs and a traditional real estate transaction, you need a trusted local cash homebuyer to help you sell quickly. Kendall Partners has the expertise to get you a fair cash offer and help you get relief from your situation. We have both the intention and ability to buy your house with cash in as little as 14 days from the date of contract.

We know that time is money and the longer you own a house, the more it will cost you! Even when the property is vacant, you’re still paying for a mortgage, insurance, property taxes, and utilities. Many homeowners absolutely need to sell as quickly as possible, and we’ve made that possible with our no-hassled home buying process. It all starts with a short phone call, and we can visit the house you’re selling for a quick 15 – 20 minute walkthrough. We can have a fair cash offer to you within 24 hours. If you agree to the offer, we use a simple one-page contract which clearly states the contract price and that we will pay customary closing costs. From there, you choose a closing date. Because we buy your house using cash, there are no surprises like there are with a retail buyer. With Kendall Partners, there’s no mortgage or lender approvals, no appraisals, no inspection repairs, and no waiting around for another offer on your house! We don’t wholesale your house, we buy directly from you with cash! We buy houses Kane County and we help you sell your house quickly. Give us a call at (630) 348-9833 to discuss your unique situation, and see if selling directly to a professional cash home buyer like Kendall Partners is the right fit to sell your house.

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