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Do you need to sell a house in Joliet IL? Are you in foreclosure or about to be? Do you have frustrating tenants and you’re ready to stop being a landlord? Do you own a vacant property and you don’t want to to be responsible for paying taxes and utilities? Do you own a ‘fixer upper’ but you don’t have time or money to fix it up? Did you inherit a house, but you live out of state and cannot manage to take care of the property? If you are in any of the above situations and are ready to sell your house in Joliet or surrounding cities, we can help. We Buy Houses Joliet IL. Give us a call at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below.

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We are professional home buyers in the Joliet area, and we’ve been buying houses since 2007. We work hard to solve your real state problem and we buy houses with cash, regardless of the property’s condition. Our contract to purchase your house does NOT depend on finding a third party to step in and take over the purchase for us — WE DO NOT WHOLESALE — so you will not have to worry about the sale of your house going through. Once we make you a written offer, we have the ability and the cash to buy your house. We close on time and we take ownership of the property, in as little as two weeks or on your timeline. We Buy Houses Joliet IL.

We Buy Houses Joliet IL – As-Is

We Buy Houses Joliet IL
We Buy Houses in Any Condition in Joliet IL – Call Jeff at (630) 389-8232

We Buy Houses in Joliet and surrounding areas, in any condition! Whether you own a house you can no longer afford to maintain, or you’ve inherited a property full of contents and in need of major updates, we can make you an offer and handle cleaning it out and cleaning it up! No need for you to make repairs or clean out rooms full of personal things, we do all that for you. You won’t have to make the house ‘showing ready,’ clean up landscaping, or have photos taken! You can sell it As-Is, without spending money. Maybe you have a burdensome rental property that’s no longer profitable, or you’re ready to sell quickly in order to move and don’t want to make an investment in costly repairs or remodeling that you most likely won’t make back when you sell. Maybe the house you own hasn’t has repairs or updates made in decades and now it has a lot of code violations, since cities are now enforcing new building codes. Many times, cities have point-of-sale inspections that look for those violations, and require you to make the updates before they allow you to sell! We are experienced homebuyers, we’ve seen houses in all conditions needing various updates, and we can take on the major work needed! We Buy Houses Joliet IL and in the surrounding area, no matter what shape they’re in.

We Buy Houses Joliet IL – Fast

Selling a house can take a long time when you market it in the traditional way. Finding a realtor, assessing the repairs and maintenance needed to make it showing ready, finding a photographer or videographer — and that’s before actually listing it and waiting for potential buyers, which can take weeks or months or more! This can become frustrating, especially when the long a house is listed, the more often potential buyers will expect a price break or concessions of another kind! Often sellers find themselves in situations where they absolutely do not have weeks or months to sell. You may be experiencing a job transfer or a family emergency that requires you to move very quickly, which can put serious stress on you and your family. Or you may just be ready to move out of state. The good news is, you can still sell quickly. We buy houses in as little as two weeks, or on your timeline. We buy with cash, so there’s no need to worry about a third party lender or appraisals. We’ll have a short phone call with you, a quick fifteen minute walkthrough at the property, and get you a written offer. Whether the property you’re selling is vacant, has tenants, or you live there yourself, we can get you an offer range within 24 hours of speaking to you on the phone.

We Buy Houses Joliet IL – and We Pay Closing Costs

Selling a house in Illinois can come with a lot of hidden costs. When you sell your house to us, not only do you save on repairs, updates, cleaning and photos, you also save on agency fees, broker’s commissions, and all the closing costs that are charged when you sell a house. Again, we don’t work with third parties, allowing us to make a fast offer for cash and helping you save money on closing costs. We pay for title insurance, for the escrow, the closing protection letter (or CPL fees), and also for applicable state, county and city transfer taxes (transfer taxes are taxes paid to municipalities at the point of sale of any piece of real estate). We cover ALL of that. We also buy our own survey, that could be $300 or that could be $800 depending on the size of the property. Our simple, one page contract spells all that out. You will be paid for the sales price, minus real estate taxes (which are assessed in arrears in Illinois) and your attorney fee, which is up to you depending on who you hire to represent you. We pay all other standard closing costs.

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