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Do you own a house in DuPage County, and you need to sell it as quickly as possible? Maybe you’ve inherited an unwanted house, are ready to downsize, or you own a fixer-upper your can’t afford to repair or remodel. You may have decided you are fed up with being a landlord, or you suddenly need to move out of state for a job transfer or to be near aging family members. If you’ve ever wondered what the alternative is to selling a house to a retail buyer using financing, you should consider selling to a trusted, local cash home buyer like Kendall Partners. No matter why you’re looking to sell your house quickly, Kendall Partners can help. We buy houses DuPage County – fast, with cash – all without your having to clean it out or make any repairs or upgrades! No parade of showings, no maintenance or cleaning to keep up on, no waiting for an offer while you keep paying the costs associated with owning a house – and no waiting on a buyer’s lender to approve their loan. We buy houses DuPage County, and we bring you relief from owning an unwanted property. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below for a fair, no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours.

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We Buy Houses DuPage County – No Marketing or Closing Costs

When you hire an agent to sell your house, the marketing costs are passed down to you. Before you even have an offer on your house, these marketing costs can add up to hundreds or even thousands! Repairs and upgrades to your house, agency fees, cleaning, staging, photos and videos are all costs that help you market your house to a retail buyer in hopes of getting the highest offer possible. Of course, the better your exposure, the better chance you have of receiving the offer you want. Once your house is listed, you’ll need to maintain the curb appeal of the house, cleaning between showings, and keep up on any repairs and maintenance issues that arise. After you receive and agree to an offer, you may discover you need to make repairs suggested by the buyer’s inspection report or repairs required for the buyer’s particular loan product. Lastly, you’ll end up paying customary closing costs such as title transfer fees, transfer taxes, a survey, and of course agent commissions all come out of the proceeds of the sale. These costs can add up into the thousands of dollars and cut into the profit you had hoped to make.

When you sell your house directly to Kendall Partners, you skip all these marketing and closing costs, saving literally thousands on these types of expenses. You won’t even need to clean out the house if you don’t want to – we can handle cleaning out decades worth of personal and household items if you need us to. You don’t make any repairs, pay any agency fees or commission. And we pay your standard closing costs for you including your title fees, transfer taxes, CPL fees and the survey! And because you’re selling directly to us, you’ll save thousands on real estate agent commissions as well. Skip the time, money, and energy it takes to sell a burdensome house on the market to a traditional retail buyer – give us a call instead. We buy houses DuPage County, and we specialize in taking the uncertainty and pressure out of selling a house so you can sell quickly and move on. Check out our 5 Star Google Reviews here, and see for yourself what our satisfied sellers are saying!

We Buy Houses DuPage County – We Buy Problem Houses

Signs saying ‘Cash for Houses’ are all over, whether they are small ones at intersections or big billboards by the expressway. Maybe you’re wondering if home buying companies are legit. If you own a distressed house, you’re likely concerned about its condition and whether you can sell it the way it is. Whether the roof is leaking, the basement is seeping, or it’s a hoarder house full of a lifetime of personal contents, we can handle it. A cash home buyer like Kendall Partners can buy a house in any condition. Our simple, no-hassled home buying solution offers relief to sellers who cannot afford to get a burdensome house ready for a retail buyer.

There are other situations that may make a house less desirable and more difficult to sell. If a house is located in a less-than-desirable area, has outstanding violations, or unpaid property taxes, this can make it more difficult to sell and possibly more urgent to get sold. It might mean an out-of-state owner inherited the distressed and unwanted property or has unwanted tenants, and both situations are making it next to impossible to get sold. Or there may have been a tragedy which occurred in the house, and the owner would like to quietly and discreetly sell it to move on from a painful time in life. These types of situations are often overwhelming for homeowners who need to sell quickly without going through all the difficulties of a traditional real estate sale. We buy houses DuPage County – whether you’re in Naperville, Lombard, Elmhurst, Winfield, or any of the surrounding cities, we can work directly with you to buy your house, no matter why you need to sell.

We Buy Houses DuPage County – Sell Your House For Cash, FAST!

Most homeowners don’t stop to consider that the costs of owning a house — even when it’s sitting vacant — can really add up quickly! The mortgage, insurance, property taxes, maintenance and utility costs add up every single day! And the need to sell a house quickly due to a sudden life event like the loss of a job, a job transfer, or a health emergency can add overwhelming pressure to your situation and create hardship for you and your family. When you must sell quickly and you don’t have the time or money to invest in repairs and a traditional real estate transaction, you need a trusted local cash homebuyer to help you sell quickly. Kendall Partners has the expertises to get you a fair cash offer and help you experience relief from your overwhelming circumstances, with our simple and straight forward home buying process.

It all starts with a phone call to discuss your unique situation. We’ll always treat you with the compassions and respect you deserve, no matter why you need to sell. From there, we can have you a fair, no-obligation fair cash offer on your house. If you agree to our offer, you sign a simple one-page contract which clearly states the sale price of the house, and that we will pay your customary closing costs. From there, you choose a closing date. Because we buy your house using cash, there are no surprises that are common in a financed retail sale. Skip the buyer’s lender approvals, inspections, and appraisals. Skip the unexpected requests from the buyers for repairs, extensions, and credits. Skip worrying about whether the deal will fall through or get pushed back. Kendall Partners can buy your house directly from you, using cash, and can close on your house quickly. We buy houses DuPage County, and we will get you the relief you need. Give us a call at (630) 348-9833to discuss your unique situation, and see if selling directly to a professional cash home buyer like Kendall Partners is the right fit to sell your house.

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