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Selling your house is never easy, even in the best of circumstances — but especially when you need to sell your house fast! Every day we speak with property owners who are experiencing events that make it necessary to sell their Chicago house quickly. Whether it’s a new job or job transfer, an ever-lengthening list of extensive home repairs, the need to downsize and move out of state, or a family emergency that requires you to sell your house fast, we can help. You could hire an agent, make repairs and clean out your house, get photographs and then wait for an offer and hope to sell in a short time frame, OR you could give us call and see if selling your house directly to Kendall Partners is the right fit for your situation. We buy houses Chicago, IL – fast, as-is, with cash. If you’ve ever wondered how you can skip the agent, and the time and money it takes to sell your house in the traditional way, then give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below. We’d love to help you discover whether selling your house for cash will solve your unique real estate situation.

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We Buy Houses Chicago IL – We Buy Houses Fast!

Whether you use a real estate agent or you list your house for sale by owner, if you sell your house to a traditional buyer you’re going to be waiting on agents, lenders, and inspectors to get the transaction settled. After you accept an offer, then you’re waiting for the buyers’ inspection, the buyers’ attorney and inspection requests, the buyers’ appraisal, lender approval, and so on. And if your buyer has to sell their own house in order to purchase yours, the coordination of TWO transactions can further extend your closing timeline. During busy seasons with a lot of activity, this can take weeks if not months just to finally sell your house! And all of that only happens after you’ve put time and money into repairing your house, cleaning it out, and getting photos and videos to list and market it! Kendall Partners helps property owners where the traditional home selling process just can’t! We buy houses Chicago, IL – fast, as-is, with cash.

When you sell your house directly to Kendall Partners, we have cash ready to purchase your house — without all the lenders’ waiting periods, appraisals, and so on. We use a simple, one-page contract and we can buy your house directly from you — with CASH — in as little as 14 days after the date of contract! No more hiring an agent, no more waiting around for the right offer, no more living with the uncertainty of WHEN showings will happen or WHEN the buyers’ lender will finally give approval. You can take more control over the sale of your house and when your house closes when you work with Kendall Partners. Our simple, hassle-free home buying process allows you to sell your house quickly and with no surprises! Once you submit your information to us, we can have a cash offer to you in one business day. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below for your no-obligation cash offer.

We Buy Houses Chicago IL – We Buy Houses As-Is!

There are a lot of reasons homeowners need to sell a house “As-Is.” Sometimes a house may not necessarily be in a state of disrepair from years of neglect, but it might be outdated and in need of a complete remodel in order to compete with the other listings in the neighborhood. Most homeowners aren’t able to make those types of major updates themselves, especially with all the permitting and energy code requirements cities have put in place in the past few years. Even when a homeowner has the funds to hire a general contractor, managing a large project is overwhelming. Projects hardly even come in ‘on time and under budget,’ and there’s no sure way to determine whether you will recoup the costs of a major remodel! Unexpected problems almost always pop up, adding cost, time, more inspections and possibly even further requirements! These types of surprises can easily add tens of thousands of dollars to a project, and weeks of additional time.

We’ve worked with property owners who just aren’t able or willing to put the costly time and money into a home remodel project JUST to get a house ready to sell. Many people simply don’t even know HOW they would move forward with repairs or big remodels, especially on inherited properties. Often these ARE in a state of disrepair, with decades of repairs and maintenance that have built up to the point of no return. Replacing a roof, structural damage, standing water in the basement, and even fire damage may just not be what the owner of an inherited property even wants to have to think about. If you own a house that is in disrepair, or is so full of personal contents that you don’t know how to start to get it cleaned out, Kendall Partners can help. We buy houses in ANY condition. We’ve been buying houses since 2006, and we’ve seen it all — even raccoons living in attics! You can sell your house to us directly, quickly, in AS-IS condition, and we will clean it out for you. You don’t have to make any repairs or even straighten it up for us to walkthrough it. We can help you sell your burdensome house and move on.

We Buy Houses Chicago IL – We Buy Your House with Cash

Kendall Partners brings a solution to your real estate needs by offering you a cash deal for your house, in the fastest possible closing time. We’re different than other cash homebuyers — we make you a cash offer on your house and we have both the intention and the ability to buy your house with cash. Our contract with you does NOT depend on whether or not we can find a third party to take over your contract. We actually buy your house directly from you, and we take title to the property. There’s no need to worry about the deal falling through because of a lenders or other third party who can’t make the deal happen! We buy houses Chicago IL, quickly, as-is, with cash!

We provide real cash solutions to property owners in Chicago and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to speak with you about your house today. If you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, unpaid property taxes, major repairs, a job transfer, can’t afford major repairs – or even if you’re just ready to downsize or move out of state – we can provide you with a cash solution to your real estate problems. It all starts with a short conversation about your unique situation. Sellers all over Chicago are finding that selling their house to Kendall Partners was the right choice for them, give us a call today to see if it’s a good fit for you, too. Call Jeff at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below.

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