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We know how stressful it can be to sell a house. But imagine trying to sell a house during difficult or unexpected life events! If you’re facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce or separation, or you own a house in need of a lot of major work and you need to sell quickly, then you may be completely overwhelmed. Putting money into a house just to attract a retail buyer may be completely out of the question. No matter the reason behind your need to sell a house quickly, Kendall Partners can help. We have been buying houses directly from homeowners since 2007. We buy houses with cash, so we can buy your house in a matter of days. We buy houses Carol Stream IL, and we can work directly with you and your unique circumstances to help you take control over the sale of your property. If you’re ready to see whether selling your house for cash is the solution to your real estate problems, give us a call today (630) 348-9833 or submit your information below.

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We Buy Houses Carol Stream IL – We Buy Houses in Any Condition

The most common concern homeowners have is the condition of the house they need to sell. At Kendall Partners, we know how difficult it can be owning a house that needs major work. Water in the basement, a leaky roof, or structural issues are all major repairs that cost thousands! Sometimes a house may not be in need of major structural repairs, but it needs a major renovation to bring it up to date so it’s attractive to a new buyer. Retail buyers look for a house that has an updated kitchen and bathrooms, because these are the most expensive remodeling projects to take on, but the truth is there are very few homeowners who have the luxury of time, money, and know-how to get that type of major project accomplished quickly. When you’re a seller faced with the pressure of moving quickly, getting caught up with mortgage payments, or a serious health emergency, trying to get a property remodeled for a retail buyer is next to impossible.

When we say we buy houses in any condition, we mean it! We’ve been buying houses since 2007, and we’ve seen almost every scenario. Whether your house needs major work, upgrades, or updating – we know how to handle it. Some homeowners may also be facing the fact that their home is located in a less-than-desirable area, and they’re ready to sell quickly and move. In fact, many sellers need to sell quickly for all kinds of situations — moving out of Illinois to retire or to move to a lower taxing state, moving to take a new job, to be nearer to aging family members, or to pay off overdue property taxes, bills, liens, and other outstanding balances and get a fresh start. We buy houses Carol Stream IL, and no matter what your situation is, no matter what condition your house is in, we can make you a fair cash offer. Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 or submit your information using the form below to get started.

We Buy Houses Carol Stream IL – Sell Your House Fast

Selling your house can take weeks, even months! It takes time to get your house ready to list it, and then when you do get it listed, you still have to wait! Your agent will work to set up showings and host open houses, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a buyer right away. It might take quite a few showings to get an offer, and many more to get the offer you want! After you finally have an acceptable offer, you’ll be waiting for the buyer’s financing to be approved. In the meantime you’ll have a buyer’s inspection, communication between the attorneys, agents, and lender, as well as an appraisal. This all takes time, and when the industry is busy with sellers, buyers, and homeowners who are refinancing existing loans, there can be a lot of waiting for everyone involved to get to your transaction. Sadly, we’ve seen traditional home sale transactions completely fall through within days of closing when the buyer’s loan is not approved. This puts the seller right back at a square one trying to find a new buyer.

When you sell your house directly to Kendall Partners, you skip the majority of what a traditional retail sale of your house would entail. This is because we buy houses with cash. We don’t wholesale, either — we never look for another buyer to take over the contract on your house. This means there are no third party lenders, no appraisers, no mortgage underwriting process, no other parties you have to wait for. It’s really very simple – we are buying your house directly from you. Our hassle-free home buying process takes the waiting and the stress out of selling your house. It starts with a short phone call to discuss your house and your unique set of circumstances. Then we can schedule a visit for a short 15-20 walkthrough of your property – you won’t even have to tidy up for us! From there, we’ll have you a fair cash offer and you choose the best closing date for the sale. We have the ability to buy your house from you in as little as 14 business days from the date of contract. We buy houses Carol Stream IL fast! Give us a call today at (630) 348-9833 to get started, or submit your information using the form below.

We Buy Houses Carol Stream IL – Save Money on the Sale of Your House

When you own a house you must sell fast, hiring an agent may not be the best fit. You can end up paying agency fees, commissions, and closing costs that can all add up to thousands of dollars. This is on top of the money you put in for cleaning, repairs, staging, storage or clean out of personal items, photos, and videos to get it listed. And let’s not forget that holding costs which accrue even when you own a vacant property will add up too – property taxes, mortgage, insurance, utilities and basic maintenance don’t stop even when the property is just sitting on the market. When you sell your house directly to a professional cash homebuyer like Kendall Partners, you save on all these costs, and we even pay your standard closing costs for you! This includes your CPL fees, title fees, and the various municipalities’ transfer taxes.

Just take a look at our 5 star Google reviews from our satisfied sellers, and you’ll see what we mean! Many of our sellers were facing the reality of having to put a lot of money into a house in order to get it sold. If you’ve ever wondered whether working with a professional real estate investor like Kendall Partners is an option for selling your house, give us a call today at (630) 348-9833. We’re here to discuss your individual real estate situation and determine if our hassle-free cash home buying process is the right fit for your circumstances. We’re professional and discreet, and we appreciate the opportunity to evaluate any property – no matter why you need to sell.

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