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Do you own a house in Batavia, IL and you need a way to sell quickly? Whether you are in foreclosure or about to be, need to relocate for a new job or to care for family out of state, are thinking of retiring and moving elsewhere, or you simply can’t afford to make the need repairs and upgrades to your house, we can help. If you feel the pressure of your current situation and you know you cannot wait to list your house and wait for a buyer, then you need to know you have the option of selling your house for cash, quickly and without making repairs or upgrades. We are professional home buyers who have been buying homes with cash since 2007, and we’ve helped many families in similar situations solve their real estate problem. We Buy Houses Batavia IL and surrounding areas, and we can have you a cash offer on your house within 24 hours. Give us a call at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below.

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We Buy Houses Batavia IL – Even Problem Houses

Whether your Batavia house is an inherited house full of contents and in desperate need of upgrades, or you simply can’t afford to maintain your house any longer, we can buy your house as-is. We help you avoid costly and time consuming repairs and remodeling needed when you are preparing a house to sell in a traditional way. You won’t have to make the house ‘showing ready,’ clean up any landscaping, have carpets cleaned and walls painted, or have any photos or videos taken. We’ve been buying houses since 2007, we’ve seen it all, from houses that need paint and carpet, to houses with water seepage in the basement, to houses with yards full of debris and non-working vehicles…. we are experienced home buyers and can handle any situation. Even if you’ve inherited a home full of contents you have no idea what to do with, you can still just take what you want with you and leave the rest for us to clean out. We Buy Houses Batavia IL, no matter what shape they’re in!

We Buy Houses Batavia IL – Quick, Hassle-Free Process

Because we pay you CASH for your house, we’re able to close quickly and on YOUR schedule! We don’t list your house in hopes of finding a buyer, we don’t wholesale your house and try to assign the contract to a third party. We work directly with YOU and we make the experience hassle-free. After a short conversation on the phone, we make you an offer within 24 hours. You can send us photos, or walkthrough your house and get a video of the interior and exterior — or we can set up a short 15 minute appointment at the house and we can see it in person. After you sign our SIMPLE ONE PAGE CONTRACT, we can purchase your house in as little as 14 business days, or on a day that works for you. We Buy Houses Batavia IL, and we make it hassle-free.

Selling your house can cost a lot of money, but our simple process saves you time and money. Not only do we close quickly, but you won’t have to worry about hiring an agent, waiting for an offer from a potential traditional buyer, a buyer’s inspector, a buyer’s lender, a lender’s appraisal, negotiation of repairs and upgrades, and then finally for all the agents, attorneys and the title company to get together and schedule your closing. AND we pay your closing costs. We pay closing costs such as various municipalities’ transfer taxes, your CPL fee and the survey. There’s no agent commissions and no agency fees. You only pay your attorney and property taxes which are calculated on the house in arrears. We pay you CASH for your Batavia house, so that you can sell your house quickly and move on.

We Buy Houses Batavia IL – Sell Your House Fast!

A short phone call is all it takes to see if we can help you sell your house fast. Everyone has a unique real estate dilemma, and a lot of people are selling in order to move out of state as quickly as possible. Some are being transferred for work, some are downsizing and choosing now to retire. Others are in the middle of a life event that has caused them to have to move closer to family, either to care for an ill family member or to have someone care for them. Still others are just ready to move out of Illinois due to high property taxes. There are MANY reasons to sell and to do so quickly. If you have ever considered selling your Batavia house quickly and without the hassle of listing it, give Jeff a call at (630) 389-8232 or submit your information below. It starts with a short phone call to see if our cash home buying solution is a good fit for your real estate situation.

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