What to do with an Inherited Property

What to do with an INHERITED PROPERTY

Inheriting a loved one’s house can be overwhelming, especially if you discover the home needs major repairs, is full of household contents, or has tens of thousands of dollars in overdue property taxes that must be paid. Most heirs find they cannot afford to correct these types of problems to prepare a house for a traditional sale on the market and find themselves in need of a solution for selling quickly.

What Happens When You Inherit a Home?

If you have recently inherited a house and are experiencing similar obstacles, we are here to help. We are professional, compassionate problemĀ solvers who can buy your house even when it needsĀ a major remodel, has delinquent taxes, or is in disrepair and needs to be cleaned out. At Kendall Partners, our number one goal is to help you find peace while selling an inherited property.

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Reduce the Stress, and Avoid Drama

If you inherited a home from a parent, grandparent, or another friend or family member, then chances are your siblings or relatives could have inherited the property as well. This means that a group of family members must come to a decision, and sometimes these family decisions can create stress or potentially cause drama. Along with this comes the decision of who will pay for costs to the house, such as property tax and upkeep. There could also be delinquent bills or legal actions related to the property.

Not all properties are kept in good condition. Home feels better when we treat it like a home, and sometimes that means that the home is not in a condition that is ready to sell on the market. Whether walls are damaged, need new paint or carpet, a new water heater, or too many boxes to go through, the house may not be ready for buyers and realtors to visit the property.

We Buy Inherited Properties, As-Is

Whether your house needs repairs or serious maintenance, we will purchase your property with our Fair Cash Offer. We will give you 100% cash, even if the house looks trash. No updates or repairs are needed, we will buy the house as-is, and we will pay the closing costs.

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