Exit out of Illinois

Moving Out Of State? This Was an Easy Transaction for All

This is Jeff with Kendall Partners. Hey, I’m at a home here in Elgin, Illinois. We just ended up closing on the property a few days ago. First time to come through and walkthrough after the sellers have left the home. We were giving them a few days to relocate. They moved out to Colorado,…

Tired of being a landlord?

Are you tired of being a landlord? Do you own vacant real estate or even possibly have a house going through foreclosure? Property in probate? Maybe just an unwanted property that you would like to just be done with? We have worked with sellers in all types of situations just like these throughout the Naperville … Continued

We Buy Homes in Probate

Here at Kendall Partners Ltd we are NO stranger to working with sellers (and their family members) who have a house to sell in probate.  The process can be painful, costly and take forever!  We have purchased dozens of homes this way and would love the opportunity to work with you.