5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

Moving to a new home is a rite of passage for most Americans. But in order to start fresh, you’ve got to tie up loose ends first. 

In other words, you’ll likely need to find a buyer for your home before you can relocate. Unfortunately, this is often much easier said than done. 

What you might not realize is that it can take months for a conventional real estate sale to be finalized — and that’s when everything goes according to plan! If there are certain barriers that are keeping buyers away, your home could stay on the market almost indefinitely. 

That’s why it’s so important to figure out what might be holding your home back from a fast sale. Then, you can take steps to avoid or fix those problems and move onto your next chapter without delay. Here are just five reasons that your home isn’t selling — and what you can do about it.

It Needs Major Repairs or Updates

Today’s buyers typically want turnkey homes. Although there may be those who are interested in a fixer-upper, most don’t want to deal with repairs or updates right away. If your property is outdated or shows signs of damage, you’re probably going to scare off potential buyers from the get-go.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a home you plan to sell. In the end, it’s unlikely that you’ll recoup 100% of your investment. When you’re under restrictive financial constraints or you don’t have a lot of time to waste, you might not have the option to make repairs or desirable improvements.

Still, selling a home as-is may not always be easy. When selling a home on the real estate market, it’s going to take longer to find a buyer who’s willing to take on those burdens. While it’s not impossible to find a buyer for a home that needs some TLC, you can’t expect it to sell in a matter of days in most cases.

You Haven’t Showcased It In the Best Light

A home with all of the latest features won’t automatically sell at lightning speed, either. Your home might have a lot of potential and universal appeal — but if you don’t show it off properly, buyers might completely overlook it.

In perusing real estate listings, you’ve probably noticed homes that are staged poorly or have subpar photos. Unfortunately, these properties tend to be ignored or dismissed by buyers simply because they can’t see beyond what’s on the surface.

In an ideal world, buyers would be able to use their imaginations and see all that a property has to offer. But in most cases, you need to guide buyers in the right direction. 

When selling a home, first impressions matter a lot. That means you need to put the work into your landscaping, your home staging, and your listing photos. Don’t assume that a buyer will see your home’s potential; instead, you need to make it clear to them right away. Clear out the clutter, find out what buyers want to see most, and make sure to stage your home property for photos and showings. Otherwise, it’s likely that they’ll overlook what a gem your house truly is. 

Your Home Is More Unique Than Most

There’s a reason why many real estate agents will advise that sellers “neutralize” their homes prior to listing them on the market. There are certain home features that are universally appealing to the masses, like natural paint colors, hardwood floors, and stone countertops. 

In contrast, there are also home features that tend to be polarizing. Bright paint colors, garish wallpaper, eclectic furnishings, and vintage designs may appeal only to a certain type of buyer. 

When you have a home that breaks the mold, you have to expect that it won’t be every buyer’s cup of tea. If you’re determined to find a buyer who understands and appreciates your personal style, that’s your right! But it’s likely going to take a lot longer for that to happen. 

Neutralizing your home a bit can work wonders and allow buyers to visualize themselves living there. If you’re determined to keep your home the way it is, you may need to wait it out.

Market Conditions Favor Buyers

You’ve probably heard about buyer’s markets and seller’s markets, but you might not totally understand what that means for your home sale. 

A seller’s market refers to conditions that favor the seller. That means that the demand for homes is higher than the supply, making the competition for available homes a lot more cut-throat. This gives sellers the power to hold out for a higher price; in some cases, they may even have the opportunity to field multiple offers.

On the other end of the spectrum is the buyer’s market. This occurs when there are a lot of houses available for sale. A buyer can basically have their pick of available homes because there isn’t as much competition from other buyers. This can cause homes to stay on the market for a lot longer, particularly if they aren’t priced competitively. 

A buyer’s market takes some of your power away as a seller, which means you might be at the mercy of any buyer who comes along. If you know the market conditions favor buyers, you’ll want to adjust your expectations and be prepared for a longer sales process.

Your Agent Isn’t Meeting Expectations

You might assume that your real estate agent is an expert who will know how to sell your home quickly. But not all agents are created equal. Whether yours is stretched thin or they’re simply inexperienced, it’s possible that they might fail to meet your expectations.

As such, your home could spend much longer on the market than you’d assumed. While most agents are motivated to sell quickly, yours might not have the connections or resources needed to attract your ideal buyer. That can translate to a lot of disappointment and wasted time. And if your agent gives you bad advice, you could spend the next several months waiting around for a buyer that might never materialize.

Remember that real estate agents are also skilled at selling themselves — sometimes, even more so than the properties they represent! If you end up with an agent who can’t deliver, you might not even realize it until it’s too late. 

The Solution: Sell to Cash Home Buyers

Ultimately, there are a number of reasons why your home might not be selling. But if you want to avoid the aforementioned scenarios and sell your home quickly, it’s best to work with cash home buyers.

When you sell your home to a cash buyer, you have total control over the process. You won’t have to make repairs, worry about staging or neutralizing, or deal with market conditions and agents. Instead, you can sell your home quickly and for a fair price — giving you the freedom to move on with money in your pocket.

Selling a home can be stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with a cash home buyer, you can bypass delays and finalize your sale right away.